happy birthday Sir David Attenborough!

In his native U.K., Attenborough is held in the kind of esteem usually reserved for royalty.

Over decades–first as a television executive, then as a wildlife filmmaker and recently as a kind of elder statesman for the planet–he has achieved near beatific status.

Frans de Waal, the renowned Dutch primatologist, says…“He has shaped the views of millions of people about nature, always respectful, always knowledgeable, he takes us by the hand to show us what is left of the nature around us.”

David Attenborough with a turtle on the beach. Photo: AFP/Mandel Ngan (maybe two of the same age?)

We wish Sir David Attenborough, who turned 95 on May 8th a happy birthday!

Thank you for the decades of work and the inspiration for countless people to take care of animals and nature ❤🌎

My best regards to all, Venus

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