16/6: The WAV Team Response To A Message Left Today.


Now and again; as with any site relating to just about any issue or subject; you expect, and sometimes get, negative comments, even abuse.

We can handle that no problem; part of running a site we guess; if people have something negative to say, then fine, we review it and if necessary attempt to respond, giving our perspective; our views, justifications etc.

A message ‘greeted us’ this morning; and in unison; we immediately had no argument with deleting the comment; as it was more than pitiful and we do not feel it is even worth showing – why give an asshole publicity we ask ? – but we shall say it was nasty and vindictive towards the death of Regan.  From someone in the business we ask ? – and do they want to start an abusive series of ‘ping pong’ between us and them ? – we the answer from us is ‘No’; and for the turd from the gutter that wrote it, there is now only one place to archive it –  in the TRASH, as both they and their comment both should be.


So in response to Mr Primary Jerk; from us, and by clicking on the following link, you can gain access to all of our past posts relating to Regan and her work to save animals:

Search Results for “regan russell” – World Animals Voice

regan_russell jmit plakat pg

Regan died taking action to help suffering animals, she did not hide in saying what she was involved with – campaigning for and saving lives, and where she came from.  Now the world knows her story and her name, unlike the psycho jerk that sent this mail to us and who boasts about killing animals.  We suggest firstly, he slithers back down the crack he originated from, secondly, he attempts to get some kind of a life, and thirdly, that taskes up a hobby that does not involve killing animals, as he proudly boasts he does in his comment.  What next – children ?

We will not even publish his reply, because, like him, IT IS UTTER PREMIUM SHIT.

We, like all fellow activists out there, continue with our respect to Regan again for paying the ultimate in her actions to be a voice for suffering animals.  Her name will never be forgotten.

The crew at WAV.

schweine gucken durch transporten

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