What is a violation?

Think about who you needleslsy violate when you aren’t vegan.

In all of the ways that matter, non-human animals are others who experience reality and suffer just like humans do, and being vegan is basic decency in our co-existence with other animals.
Humans who still aren’t vegan in the modern world should have their freedoms rubbished.
Humanity may then finally awaken to the reality of the situation for them.

Text: Anonymous for the Voiceless

And I mean…As natural as the legalization of human superiority over other animals in our everyday life appears at first glance – in reality and in plain language it is like this: In fact, there is no human being who is more valuable than the living beings that he enslaves, exploits and uses for own purposes.

By the way, we might as well…
-Transporting people for days without food and water?
– Getting human mothers pregnant again and again in order to steal their milk?
-Taking away their children from the constantly impregnated human mothers so that the human babies do not drink the milk?
-killing the human babies taken from human mothers and process them into meat and sausage?

So there must be other reasons why pigs are eaten and humans are not. Probably has to do with the fact that pigs are the weaker ones.
And what is someone who abuses and exploits the weaker?

Oh well, humans have rights and animals don’t, because … well, … because we just set it that way!

My best regards to all, Venus

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