Germany-Alt Tellin: memorial for burned pigs

On March 30, 2021, 57,000 pigs were painfully burned in a stable fire near Alt Tellin / Vorpommern-Greifswald in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

We had already reported on this:

The operator of Europe’s largest pig breeding facility, LFD-Holding, has already violated the animal welfare law and fire protection measures in the past.

Despite massive protests from the local citizens’ initiative and pending legal proceedings, the construction of the facility was approved.
Again corrupt lobbyists were at work, and thus to blame for the cruel mass deaths of 57,000 living beings

A fire protection expert claims that Alt Tellin should never have been built like this.
The barn units were connected to each other, so there was only one way out in an emergency.
In addition, pigs do not flee by themselves. They need to be released from their stands and boxes. They have to be brought out, and young piglets even have to be carried out.
And that with 57,000 animals at the same time? Rescuing the animals was impossible for the firefighters on site.

The expert angrily points to the pig manure under the slatted floors, which ferments quickly. This produces digester gas containing methane.
From 4.4 percent methane in the air, this gas-air mixture is capable of deflagration and is highly flammable. And a fire can suddenly spread through this gas-air mixture.
For this reason the major fire in the Alt Tellin pig breeding facility was only a matter of time.

Despite the terrible tragedy, the Agriculture Minister of Mecklenburg = (a country in northeast Germany) plans to re-approve the burned down sow facility in Alt Tellin as a “model stable”!!

Nevertheless, there were many people who initiated a beautiful initiative against this mass death dispite the difficult times, and thus set an active sign that they have not forgotten the victims.

Last weekend, a memorial site was opened by the Schweineleben e. V. and the Lebenshof 198.
Together with other organizations and animal lovers, they would like to commemorate the victims of the fire and the animal industry.

Around 40 animal welfare organizations and individuals from different federal states took part in the campaign.
After all, they made and sent 57 wooden crosses, donated money for the campaign, or traveled specially to help set them up.

They are calling for a political response to the fire in the pig farm in Alt Tellin.

(all photos from the action:

Our thanks, respect and solidarity to all those involved in this beautiful campaign
We don’t forget Old Tellin.

My best regards to all, Venus

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