Spain-Tarragona: fire at the mobile coffin “Elbeik”

The Animal Equality Foundation has requested today, Saturday, August 7, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to withdraw the authorization to operate from Spain to the ship Elbeik.

Yesterday, August 6, a fire broke out on the Elbeik ship, in ballast, at the Tarragona anchorage, in which the crew members were evacuated by the Salvamar Fomalhaut. There were no animals because they hadn’t loaded yet.

In this new letter, Animal Equality attaches the report “78 EU-Approved Animal Transporters” by the Animal Welfare Foundation published in June 2021, which details the legal situation of ships operating from Europe.

Spanish ports receive and issue certificates for ships that are even on the black list of the Paris Memorandum and have been sold, such as Alfarouk, Anakin, Nabolsi I, Bruna, Spiridon II, Julia AK, Queensland and even the Elbeik ship.

The last, Elbeik, was expelled from the ports of the Paris Memorandum due to multiple functional defects and sanctions and due to poor condition, while in Spain, despite serious defects and despite the results of the inspection by the Guardia Civil on March 19, 2021, the ship was allowed to continue its operations.

Animal Equality has already denounced that in the case of maritime transport the infractions are mainly centered on the poor condition of the boats and the lack of care for the animals:

– The transport of animals is allowed to boats not considered suitable, of very low quality. 55% of approved livestock vessels in the EU are licensed in countries blacklisted by the Paris Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). They are considered high risk in relation to maritime safety.

– Transport of unfit animals, which are injured or sick. Animals are loaded even when inspections reveal deficiencies and violations of regulations are not penalized.

– The loading of the animals is carried out with violence. They are beaten, kicked and dragged even using electric batons. In cases where the animal cannot move, it is tied by one leg and lifted by a crane.

– Long waits before boarding under extreme temperatures and in the sun. European regulations and the Plan of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food state that a trip should not be authorized if the temperature inside the vehicle exceeds 30ºC and it must even be sanctioned if it exceeds 35ºC.

These infractions, on the part of transport companies, have been taking place for the last 30 years in Spain. While some Member States have improved their application, others, including Spain, continue to give little importance to enforcing Regulation 1/2005.

“t is very serious that after the latest scandal involving the Elbeik ship, the Government did not withdraw its permission to continue operating from Spain. The ship’s fire is a new example of the danger posed by these vessels and of the need to ban the export of animals” (Silvia Barquero, Director of Animal Equality)

Animal Equality has a petition underway to ban the export of live animals that has already been signed by more than 45,000 people.

Sign and share:

And I mean…No! It is not only “very serious” that mobile scrap still gets permission and is used for animal transport.
It is a crime committed by

-corrupt, unscrupulous politicians
-from the animal transport mafia
-of the authorities and the judiciary who look the other way
and, in this case, very likely insurance fraud.

My best regards to all, Venus

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