Good news from Thailand: the Sriracha Tiger Zoo is closing its doors!

Report: Organisation “Gemeinsam fรผr die Tiere”


The Sriracha Tiger Zoo is a world famous tourist attraction in Thailand, near Pattaya.
Not only the eponymous tigers, but also elephants, crocodiles and camels, for example, are held there, a total of around 5,000 animals.

Often the zoo was caught in the crossfire between animal rights activists and the judiciary because of animal cruelty and catastrophic conditions.

Now finally after 24 years this questionable attraction has to close its doors because the visitors are missing because of the pandemic.

We reported about it:

After months of unsuccessful attempts, the zoo was no longer able to keep operations going.

The “Pattaya Mail” announced this to the public on July 15, 2021.
The zoo, founded in 1997 by a former pig and crocodile breeder, was visited by around 1.5 million tourists a year, mainly.

Chinese, Russians, Indians, Vietnamese and Indonesians, relatively few Europeans.
Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the zoo management has tried to keep the zoo alive by selling “street food”, which in Asia often does not meet adequate hygiene standards, and sometimes free entry, which now completely failed.
One less prison where innocent animals are locked up.

In 2004 the “Animal Welfare Institute” discovered that animals from the zoo were abused as circus animals and subjected to tough and brutal training.
This concerned tigers and elephants.

In 2016, a British animal rights organization managed to bring further abuses to the public.
The tigers were, or still are, in a grave condition.

After the birth of young tigers, it was customary in this zoo to separate the babies from their mothers after 2-3 weeks – much too early!

Now the animals are first relocated to a large area and given veterinary care.

We welcome the closure of this scandalous zoo.
Countless animals were held captive there, deprived of their freedom, and unfortunately not adequately and caringly cared for.
The only question is “what happens to the poor animals now?”

Here we hope that they do not end up as part of any mixture or powder of “Traditional Chinese Medicine”, as is unfortunately the case in parts of Asia.
Temporary accommodation in a reserve would be the most sensible solution.

Subsequently, it should be clarified whether and which animals could possibly be released safely into the wild.
We appeal to the Thai government to intervene here and to give the animals that have been through the “prison hell” a better future.



And I mean…Corona has shown very solidarity with the inmates in this case, and has contributed that stupid, extremely stupid visitors do what their lesser empathy and education could not do, namely no longer support this place of horror.

We can see from the video that a whole industry has grown up around the Sriracha Zoo; for the fun of the stupid visitors and for the torment of the animals that were brutally forced to do so.

If we haven’t got it for hundreds of years, we should finally get it NOW! that animals are not our slaves, are not clowns of entertainment, they have their right to live in peace on this planet as roommates.
Or should we just keep doing it because we used to do it this way? NO … we evolve.

Thank you Corona!
As soon as we have news about the further fate of the ex-prisoners of the Sriracha Zoo, we will share it with you immediately

My best regards to all, Venus

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