England: Stella McCartney Debuts Sustainable Vegan Sneakers Made With Recycled Fishing Nets.

Stella McCartney Debuts Sustainable Vegan Sneakers Made With Recycled Fishing Nets
The new Reclypse sneakers are made with plant-based materials

Stella McCartney Debuts Sustainable Vegan Sneakers Made With Recycled Fishing Nets

Stella McCartney will soon debut its vegan Reclypse sneakers, which are made with recycled and sustainable materials

Fashion house Stella McCartney is set to increase its cruelty-free range once again.

The UK-based company, which aims to produce sustainable clothing and accessories, will release its new vegan Reclypse sneakers later this month.

Reclypse sneakers

The shoes feature lining created from ECONYL regenerated nylon, which is sourced from pre- and post-consumer waste like fishing nets and carpet.

The Reclypse sneakers – which are handmade in Italy – come in four colours. They have a recycled polyester upper, as well as a tractor sole containing plant-based and renewable materials.

They also feature contrast panels of vegan leather and mesh.

“The Stella McCartney Reclypse is fashion innovation, taking luxury trainers one step closer to sustainability and circularity – it stylishly blends athleticism with escapism,” reads a release sent to Plant Based News.

Is Stella McCartney vegan?

It’s certainly not Stella McCartney’s first foray into animal-free fashion. The brand does not use animal-based leather, feathers, fur, or exotic skins. However, it does use wool in some of its designs.

Stella McCartney was founded by a designer of the same name, who is also the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney.

Both he and his daughter are long-time vegetarians. The designer’s late mother, Linda, was also a vegetarian and the founder of plant-based meat brand Linda McCartney.

Stella McCartney’s new vegan Reclypse sneakers are part of the brand’s WI21 collection, which launches on August 25.

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