Germany: Volkswagen makes the central canteen meat-free!

Volkswagen produces seven million curry sausages a year in its own butcher shop. The curry sausage production at Volkswagen has often exceeded the car sales of the well-known automaker.

In another canteen, however, they are now being removed from the menu, schnitzel too!

Volkswagen employees who feel a certain hunger for meat at lunchtime will have to accept detours in the future.
Because the canteen in the Wolfsburg branded high-rise, the headquarters of the well-known car manufacturer “Volkswagen AG”, is revising its range and will soon only offer vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The VW curry- sausage is popular and is a regular part of the plate for many employees: however, the classic will soon disappear from the menu in the canteen in the branded high-rise building in Wolfsburg.

According to an internal announcement, the company restaurant should be meat-free after the work holiday.
The 150 or so recipes should then do without meat. Only now and then will fish be part of the offer.

It couldn’t be more German: Curry sausage and ketchup from Volkswagen production. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

Many employees wanted vegetarian and vegan alternatives, according to the reasoning in the information letter.
The realignment also serves the topic of sustainability, because less meat consumption per week also helps the environment.
The responsible Service Factory has already successfully implemented the concept at the Hanover location.

Nobody at VW has to do without the sausage.
They will still be there in the canteen a few meters away on the opposite side of the street.
Most recently there were around seven million curry sausages from the Volkswagen butcher’s shop in the pre-Corona year 2019, plus more than 550 tons of ketchup, as a spokesman said.

The curry sausage production at Volkswagen has often exceeded the car sales of the well-known automaker
However, many company restaurants at the car manufacturer are currently still closed.

It’s over with the curry sausage in VW

With the switch to vegetarian and vegan cuisine, VW is relying on a trend that has been around for a number of years, according to the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA).
“The times when vegetarian cuisine was neglected by some are over for good,” said a spokesman.

And I mean…The only sensible news from the VW Group for years! Seems like the “V” in VW stands for vegetarian!

Curry sausage is part of Volkswagen’s corporate culture, just like the Golf, except that it is a year older.
Two dozen factory butchers have been producing the Curry-Bock sausage since 1973 – at that time from pigs from the farm on the factory premises.
Each sausage is labeled “Volkswagen Genuine Part” and, like the special ketchup that goes with it, has a part number ((199 398 500 A and B).

VW has already tried a canteen without currywurst, in this case vegetarian, in Hanover – successfully, as the management and the works council assure.
In any case, the works council welcomes the experiments with the vegetarian canteens in Wolfsburg.
“We are also just a mirror of society,” says a spokesman

Even those who are dissatisfied with this decision will soon notice that there are also vegetarian / vegan currywurs that taste great without harming the environment or animals.

And everyone who is annoyed with walking to the canteen across the street to eat his sausage can now understand how much trouble vegans have always had to find a vegan restaurant in a city, and to get it free.

Times change in favor of veganism.
And if these changes come from above, they are effective, and then everyone has to adapt and come to terms with them.

My best regards to all, Venus

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