UK-Game shoot destroyed, 100 partridges freed

Received anonymously and filed under Communiqués in


All game keepers are scum bags, the “game” shooting industry is trash and the way it decimates the wild and the environment all over the country is disgusting and needs to stop.

When we found out these pieces of shit in Shropshire were trapping and killing birds of prey we had to act.
We took a trip to the shooting estate near Chelmarsh and found the whole place covered in traps – larsens, fenn traps and bird of prey traps – which we destroyed.

The pheasant pens became another target for our rage and we completely dismantled them.
We raided their sheds and stole disgusting family photographs of the murderers, proudly displaying their past trophies, their guns and dead birds, smiley happy family days out killing.

gamekeeper with bag of the day braces of pheasants English rural scene

There were three partridge release pens, still full of birds waiting to be shot.
We returned in the night and released over 100 captive birds from those pens, then smashed the fuck out of them.
Those partridges will now be free and not just a flying target for sick murdering fucks to shoot.

With this action we send a clear message to this game keeper and game keepers all over – you fuck with birds of prey, we fuck with you.

Fuck with the wild and expect retribution.

And I mean…In the United Kingdom, around 50 million pheasants are ‘released into the wild’ after they have been reared in factory farms so that they can then be shot with the help of drivers and dogs while hunting.

A cursory glance at Wikipedia will tell any prospective applicant that a gamekeeper is “a person who manages an area of countryside to make sure there is enough game for shooting and stalking” and any online search will turn up pages of information on how that’s achieved.

Gamekeepers are a construct of shooting industrie. Without the shooting industry there would be no ‘need’ to industrialise the killing of native wildlife and no ‘need’ for gamekeepers.

Why they’re doing it for, we know that already.
They kill and they are paid to do it.

The point is that vast numbers of animals are being killed to protect the profits of the shooting industry.

The most important point is that our governments seem complicit in breaking the country’s laws on wildlife protection by issuing licences on behalf of the shooting industry, licences that cost nothing and don’t even have to be applied for.
And that the mass destruction of native wildlife has been normalised by the shooting industry and packaged as ‘countryside management’.
And because governments themselves are made up of hunting lobbyists or even passionate hunters, it makes a lot of sense not to make the craft of this criminal industry so easy.

Thanks to those who see it that way and act accordingly ❤️

My best regards to all, Venus

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