Canada: British Columbia will close its mink farms in 2025

BREAKING VICTORY: Following pressure from PETA and our honorary Director Pamela Anderson, British Columbia’s government is shutting down ALL mink fur farms 🎉

The Canadian province has already banned breeding minks — soon the sensitive animals will be spared from the violent cycle of being jammed together in filthy wire-floored cages and skinned for their fur.

And I mean…Exactly a year ago the following message came in Forbes Magazine:

“Health officials in Canada’s British Columbia have declared a Covid-19 outbreak at a mink farm after eight people tested positive for the disease, with employees and animals now undergoing testing and contact tracing in a bid to control the spread of the virus”.

Most people don’t want to know (or suppress) what exactly is going on in the fur farms.
The fur industry is to blame.

Behind closed doors, hidden from the control of the public and the government, millions of minks are bred, tortured, and skinned alive under brutal conditions for fur, and it is precisely on such mink farms that the coronavirus has been detected and workers who have worked there have turned away infected.


We would never have believed that this industry would cease to exist so quickly as a result due to Corona.

After the coronavirus outbreaks on 22 Dutch mink farms, the mink farms there were closed at the end of 2020.
It was followed by Denmark (until 2023), after an unprecedented genocide by Mink with 15 million living beings.

The same reasons have already led other countries to ban fur farming.
These include Great Britain, Belgium, Japan, Norway, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Luxembourg.
In countries such as Germany, Sweden, Italy or Switzerland, the rules for fur farms have recently been tightened in such a way that the operation in these countries is no longer financially viable for the breeders.

Mink fur farm-Canada

Canada is home to a large fur industry for mink, fox, marten, chinchilla, and other fur-bearing species.
According to the statistics of Canada, more than 230 registered mink farms and 50 registered fox farms have been counted across the country. In total, over three million animals are bred.
And just like in Europe, the conditions there, under which the animals suffer because of their fur, are catastrophic.

Even after the corona outbreak on mink farms in the Netherlands, public pressure increased in Canada to give health priority and close fur farms.
British Columbia has taken the first step.

Now is the time for ALL countries to follow the example of many fur-free countries around the world and put an end to this bloody business once and for all.

My best regards to all, Venus

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