Germany-“Avernalic agony in the slaughterhouse”

Organization report: “Together for the animals”

The images are shocking and go to the bone, the criminal complaints read “Avernalic agony in the slaughterhouse”.

Undercover research in thehorse butcher’s shop” Härting GmbH in Kaiserslautern, during which meaningful video evidence was created by courageous animal rights activists, shows shocking conditions in this company, including the most severe animal cruelty.

The Härting horse butchery in Kaiserslautern is being accused of cruelty to animals and is not allowed to slaughter any animals for the time being – Photo: Ralf Vester

Operation was under observation for a total of 5 weeks in September and October 2021.

Apparently systematic violations during the slaughter of cattle in the area of ​​stunning and bleeding were recorded.
The recognizable incompetent anesthesia regularly fails.
The first bolt shot is often not enough due to amateurism and the animals still show violent reactions.

Death struggles over several minutes were captured in pictures, a total of 37 bolt shots on 18 animals can be proven.
The torture of the animals was also recorded by means of an eccentric driver, which was used on sensitive parts of the body such as the head and spine.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look any better with the horses and incompetence or indifference reigns here as well.
Despite unsuccessful anesthesia and severe defensive reactions, anesthetized animals are stabbed to bleed into the chest.

During the bleeding, clear movements can be seen, also in the eyes and nostrils.
And the same misery with the pigs.
After amateur anesthesia with electric pliers, many animals show violent reactions, struggle for air and exhibit body movements in the bleeding area that clearly indicate failure of the anesthesia.

Criminal charges against this horror operation were filed with the Kaiserslautern public prosecutor’s office on November 12, 2021, on presentation of the collected video material.

The responsible veterinary office was able to obtain a temporary suspension of the slaughterhouse until the situation was clarified.

You can find a video evidence of the atrocities of this company under the following link (The text of the video can be read partially translated below )
However, we expressly draw your attention to the fact that it is only for extremely strong nerves and only serves as evidence.
We saw it ourselves and are shocked:

We strongly condemn such cruel treatment of sentient beings.
Before the only thing they have, namely their life, is taken away from them, there is absolutely nothing to excuse them.
If you do this to an animal, you have something very “bad” deep inside you and, in our opinion, must be stopped and punished with long prison sentences.

The operators of this death block are also to be brought to justice and sentenced.
The business should be shut down and locked with immediate effect, and the last thing he sees should be the wrecking ball.

Therefore we appeal to the court in Kaiserslautern not to get away with those responsible for these massacres with a black eye, but to let the full harshness of the judiciary prevail, because what they have done can be described simply with one word: CRIME !!!

Some translated passages from the video:
“Horse butcher Härting GmbH in Kaiserslautern – it is a traditional company with a 100-year history.

Origin of the animals
our horses come from the southwest of Germany.
They are recreational and breeding animals as can be seen everywhere in the pastures.
These animals are given up when they can no longer be used for breeding or recreational riding.
The owners often bring these animals themselves to see for themselves that they are treated appropriately
Our pigs come from Guthof Franck.
These animals are fed normally and have enough space.

These are the slaughter conditions at a trusted butcher.

Brutal use of the electric driver against the head of the cattle
The cattle fought for minutes.
There are no individual cases, but sad everyday life.

These recordings were made over 5 weeks in September and October
All images were handed over to the police
Different animals – same fate

Who are you caressing
who do you let kill”

And I mean…Giving people the information is one goal.
But we have to get them to react to this information
It is more important and more effective when the consumer finally listens, looks and ACT.

There are apparently still people who do not want to understand that the consumer, with his consumer behavior, his greed for meat and animal products, is responsible for precisely these conditions.
The butcher, livestock farmer or whoever is just the executive organ.

As a consumer, you are the client – animals are sentient individuals who have rights and deserve a life without pain and suffering, like you who eat them.
It should be the highest moral principle for everyone that animals are not there to be exploited or “serve” people.

My best regards to all, Venus

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