Day: December 5, 2021

England: Is A Change In Campaigning Now Needed After the Massive EU (ANIT) Failures In Live Animal Transport This Week ? – By Mark (WAV).

Hi all; this is Mark at WAV;


I know that Venus has already produced a post on this issue, as live animal transport is a major hate of both of us.

Our recent posts which we (wrongfully) hoped were the forerunners of some very positive news are as follows.

EU: NGOs and MEPs protest against live animal transports in the EU. – World Animals Voice

EU: 2/12/21: Time When The EU Should Finally Step Up To The Plate and Introduce Major Reforms For Live Animals In Transport. – World Animals Voice

Despite our personal aims as an organisation for major changes to the better with animal transport in mainland EU; everyone in the form of anti transport campaigners were dealt a really bad hand with regard the EU ANIT meeting of 3/12/21.

Here following is the post meeting PR from the ‘Eurogroup for Animals’; who like us, had high hopes of major, positive changes and transport reforms:

Read the Eurogroup PR (post meeting) by clicking on the following:

ANIT Committee vote: a missed opportunity failing animals and citizens | Eurogroup for Animals

As echoed by us at WAV; the ANIT meeting of 3/12 was very much a missed opportunity which massively failed in the helping of live animals in transport big time, but additionally, which also blatantly ignored the wishes of so many EU citizens calling for drastic improvements for live animals undergoing transportation.

As we have said before, the EU does what it wants to do and to hell with everyone and everything else.  The ANIT catastrophe witnessed this week is a typical example; with the livestock industry and its lobbyists basically ensuring that they continue to get what they want; a status quo; effectively resulting in no real  ‘wow’ changes for animal welfare, whilst simply ignoring the wishes of a vast number of EU citizens calling for better legislation for animals; including a shout for a maximum one off journey time of no greater than 8 hours. 

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