Day: December 11, 2021

Formula 1 sponsors the Iditarod animal abusers

IDITAROD – The gruesome Dog race in Alaska is sponsored by Formula 1!
Every year in Alaska the cruel dog race “Iditarod” takes place, in which dogs are tortured, mistreated, neglected, injured and also killed.
If the animals are no longer suitable for competition, they are often simply ruthlessly murdered.

(We reported about it):

What very few people know, however, is that this horror race is sponsored by “Liberty Media”, the owners of Formula 1.
Despite the departure of all major sponsors, “Liberty Media” and its sub-company GCI are subsidizing the death race with more than $ 250,000 annually.

One might think that through leading personalities like Lewis Hamilton, who lives vegan and loves dogs, ethics and morals dominate Formula 1, but that is a fatal misconception.
With their help, dogs are exploited, tortured and killed, and all of this is completely legal.

On the one hand, we condemn this terrible race itself and, on the other hand, the sponsorship by Formula 1 in the most decisive fashion.
Such competitions without empathy must be deprived of the breeding ground, i.e. the financial means.
Instead, they are pumping a large amount of money into the competition.
For us a shame that casts a gloomy shadow over the entire Formula 1.

We appeal to “Liberty Media” to stop supporting animal cruelty and death with immediate effect and to make a public declaration for this madness, after all, as a sports organizer, you also have a great role model function.

Text: Gemeinsam für die Tiere (Together for the Animals)

Please everyone also sign the following petition to end this unholy sponsorship:

And I mean…It is not the first time that Formula 1 has supported a dubious business.
There has already been a shameful decision to reopen the Grand Prin in Bahrain (a kind of colony of Saudi Arabia) in 2020 after the postponement of the Bahrain Grand Prix due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Grand Prix in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi followed

Even then it was clear that Formula 1 did not see the right reason to cancel the Barin Grand Prix because of the massive human rights violations.
Amnesty International had sent a very good letter to the Formula 1 leadership in 2020, in which it expressed that a country like Barin, which suffers from human rights violations, should not be supported.

The Formula 1 in Saudi Arabia last weekend is also an indictment for the organizers in a political sense.
Because apart from the internal disregards and violations of human rights, Saudi Arabia is mainly responsible for the worst humanitarian crisis in the world in Yemen.
So if Formula 1 has no moral and no political inhibitions to support dictators all over the world, how can we expect them to stop supporting the animal abusers of the Inditarod regime in Alaska?

My best regards to all, Venus