Day: December 25, 2021

England: Live Export Memories.

Mine was witnessing the suffering of the live animal export trade from Southern England.

England: Memories – a personal experience. By Mark. – World Animals Voice

Sorry all you innocent sentients – I and the others would have saved you all if it had been possible.

Your numbers were in the hundreds; there were just a few of us. All these years later I don’t (ever) forget your suffering.

So, it was time to take the export campaign to Europe.  Very soon I will write again on the roadshow in the Netherlands; education is the real thing about all this – and educate we did.

On the road in the Netherlands – photo Mark

A transporter loaded with sheep arrives at Dover – photo Mark

Sheep going for export (and death) – photo Mark

British calves being exported out of Dover – photo Mark

He used to stay awake to drive the dreams he had away …..

The drive home in the early morning hours was always bad – you always felt you had failed them.

Regards Mark

Merry Killmas

In the spirit of Christmas, these bars are righteous.
Courtesy of Entyce/Ashley Wallace

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And I mean…This time of year is traditionally associated with eating meat, and the suppressed, tortured and brutally murdered animals around us have surely paid for our “loyalty to tradition” with their lives.

Only … the spirit of Christmas is not to be understood as a massacre of non-human animals, nor can it be justified with the guise of religion.
That is the message of this video!

This year, give the gift of love!
Help animals in the most meaningful way possible – don’t eat them.

Regards, Venus

Spain- Madrid: More than 100 Crickets liberated

North American Animal Liberation Press Office: Received anonymously:

We were bored in a winter afternoon thinking about our miserable lives, but we thought “fuck depression, lets do direct action”.

We started to think about all the people who lives in prison and the different types of prisons.

We realised that near us were people locked up in little plastic cages; a lot of crickets. They were in a pet shop called Petiberia with more species locked up inside, so we made a plan and we went there.

We entered the shop and while a person was distracting the security people, the other took as much as possible of the plastic prisons with the people inside and went out of the shop.

The workers were thinking in their dumb lives so they didn’t realise about was was happening.

After, we looked for a safe place for the crickets, and we ended up in a field.

We opened the cages there and they jumped out. But some of them were dead, so we estimate that the number of people that escaped that day was 125.

This is a simple and easy action and you can help a lot of people with it.

Kisses for the workers ❤ we’ll see each other again :P”

And I mean…Why are insects sold in plastic bags in pet stores?
Because some, mindless human animals want to keep exotic animals and reptiles in their living room as pets.

So-called feeder insects are mainly insect species such as grasshoppers, but also mealworms, wax maggots, crickets, moths and cockroaches.

These insects are grown in large breeding facilities and then shipped to pet stores.
Pet stores have large stocks of these so-called feeder insects.
They are usually offered for sale in plastic boxes, often without food, water or any kind of temperature control.
If the animals are not bought and fed, they often die in agony after a few days in the low-oxygen boxes.

Many people do not want to admit that insects are living beings with a complex nervous system.
They have a brain and have strong sensory perception.
It is not for nothing that insects are the most successful and most species-rich animal group in terms of evolution and at home all over the world.

It doesn’t matter whether an animal has two, four or eight legs: we are all sensitive and want to live.

Reptiles and amphibians have no business in our living rooms; keeping them must be prohibited.
Then the moral question with the ‘live food‘ would be resolved by itself.

In the name of the animals, our heartfelt thanks to the activists

My best regards to all, Venus

Oxfordshire county : only vegan food at events-great!

The Oxfordshire county council has passed a rule that only allows vegan food to be served at official events.
The idea was brought up in order to lead by example in tackling climate change and global warming.

The ruling read, “This council recognizes that global meat and dairy production is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation and that reducing consumption of these foods is a key part of tackling climate change.

The government’s independent Climate Change Committee, advises that meat consumption should be reduced by a fifth and that public bodies should promote plant-based foods.

That and the avoidance of food waste are powerful ways to cut carbon emissions.
Furthermore, in the UK, only 18 percent of children consume the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, and most young people’s diets lack fiber.

Providing appealing plant-based school meals along with education on healthy, climate-positive food choices are excellent ways to address these problems.”

With this ruling, the Oxfordshire county council’s events will only be catered with plant-based foods.

The ruling has met some opposition from other council members who do not follow a plant-based diet.
Other than that, this is wonderful news and sets an example for other city council members to adopt more plant-based foods into their diets.

This is wonderful progress as animal agriculture is a huge part of climate change and needs to be addressed more frequently.
They are now setting a positive example for citizens and aligning their actions with their climate goals.

And I mean…It is good to read such news.

Is it really a “doctrine of salvation” or an “extreme” if one refuses to actively participate in an ecological catastrophe?
What if someone refuses to ignore the barely comprehensible suffering of pigs, chickens and cattle etc.?

There is not one, not a single argument FOR meat consumption that cannot be debunked.
But hundreds against it.
Food from factory farming comes mainly from third countries.
Especially soy.
Rainforest is cleared for soy.
It is said that 4 m² of rainforest have to give way for a hamburger.
All agriculture in third world countries is being destroyed.
The result is hunger.
Millions of people starve to death because we don’t want to do without our cheap schnitzel.

Animal population Germany:
26 million pigs
11 million cattle
173 million poultry

In the first 6 months of 2020, 233,000 tons of pork were exported to China, half of the years before.

Factory farming has a huge impact on the environment.
A pig eats and metabolizes 4 times that of a human.
Most of this feed is imported.
Animal rearing is the main reason the rainforest is cleared!

In Europe, too, feed production contributes to the reduction of biodiversity.

Whether methane gas, ammonia or faeces, the environmental pollution is enormous, groundwater and surface water are contaminated.
The effects on nature are enormous.
Feed imports for 25 million pigs in Germany alone (F 13 million, Ita 9 million).

A pig metabolizes four times as much as a human … pig keeping in Germany alone corresponds to a doubling of the faeces of the German population and an enormous demand for feed is required.

Therefore: We welcome the decision of the Oxfordshire county council and can hope that other institutions will follow suit.

The argument that “nothing should be forbidden when it comes to eating” is irrelevant and can only be explained by the fact that it is first about eating and then about morality, only that in Europe eating is not meant in the sense of survival, but because of it culinary experiences and mostly at the cheapest level.

My best regards to all, Venus