England: Live Export Memories.

Mine was witnessing the suffering of the live animal export trade from Southern England.

England: Memories – a personal experience. By Mark. – World Animals Voice

Sorry all you innocent sentients – I and the others would have saved you all if it had been possible.

Your numbers were in the hundreds; there were just a few of us. All these years later I don’t (ever) forget your suffering.

So, it was time to take the export campaign to Europe.  Very soon I will write again on the roadshow in the Netherlands; education is the real thing about all this – and educate we did.

On the road in the Netherlands – photo Mark

A transporter loaded with sheep arrives at Dover – photo Mark

Sheep going for export (and death) – photo Mark

British calves being exported out of Dover – photo Mark

He used to stay awake to drive the dreams he had away …..

The drive home in the early morning hours was always bad – you always felt you had failed them.

Regards Mark

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