Day: December 10, 2021

We call for the end of the monkey trade on Mauritius #Week of Action#

Action for Primates is joining other animal protection groups across Europe in a Week of Action against the trade in long-tailed macaques for research from Mauritius.

During 6th-11th December, more than a dozen European animal groups are raising awareness by holding events and taking part in a social media campaign that will focus attention on the Mauritius government, embassies and tourism offices across Europe, calling for an end to the Mauritius trade in monkeys for research.

Below, you will find numerous actions you can take to help the monkeys from Mauritius.
Please try to do all and ask others to join in this important campaign.

Mauritius, famous for its beaches, tropical climate, heritage sites and wildlife, is a popular destination for European holidaymakers.

HPGJCT Monkeys at the Gorges viewpoint. Black River Gorges national park. Mauritius.

The country’s promotion as a “paradise island”, however, is tarnished by a dark side of which most holidaymakers are totally unaware: the country’s cruel persecution of the wild monkeys who share the island with the human residents.

Mauritius is one of the world’s largest exporters of long-tailed macaques for the global research and toxicity testing industry and the main supplier to Europe, exporting thousands every year.

There has been a significant increase in the number of monkeys exported during 2021. Between January and September, 10,810 individuals were sent overseas to laboratories, including 1,913 (Spain), 758 (France), 642 (UK), 109 (Netherlands), 112 (Canada) and 7,276 (USA).
This represents an increase of over 58% for the same period during 2020. Supply companies – Camarney SL in Spain and Silabe (Simian Laboratory Europe) in France – are known to regularly import many of these monkeys for breeding or for sale to laboratories in Europe.

The monkeys are packed into small transit crates and transported from Mauritius as cargo by air.
Air France is the main airline known to be involved in transporting monkeys from Mauritius to Europe.
Other airlines that fly monkeys out of Mauritius to other destinations include Safe Air (Kenya-based) and Wamos Air (Spanish-based).

After France and Great Britain, Germany is the largest European “ape consumer”.

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England: Remember ‘Geronimo’ The Alpaca, and The Government Ministry Who Murdered Him Under Claims He Had BVT. Now Post Mortem Tests Find He Did NOT. And The Public Are Supposed To Believe Justification By Them In Government For A Badger Cull ? ! ? !

Geronimo the alpaca at Shepherds Close Farm in Wooton Under Edge, Gloucestershire
© Imagebridge Geronimo the alpaca at Shepherds Close Farm in Wooton Under Edge, Gloucestershire

Geronimo ‘killed for nothing’ as campaigners claim post-mortem reveals animal did not have TB

Post-mortem tests on Geronimo the alpaca, who was euthanised by vets in August after testing positive for bovine tuberculosis, failed to provide conclusive findings of the animal’s health.

Geronimo was culled by government officials in August after his owner, Helen Macdonald lost a lengthy legal battle to stop the killing.

She insisted that the two previous bovine TB tests returned false positives and Geronimo should have been tested a third time or allowed to live to aid research into the disease.

The alpaca was put down after police officers and staff from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) arrived on Ms Macdonald’s farm in South Gloucestershire on 31 August.

At the time, Defra indicated the initial post-mortem had found a “number of TB-like lesions“, but further tests would be needed.

Middlemiss – CVO

Chief veterinary officer Christine Middlemiss said that after further tests, it was not possible to culture bacteria from tissue samples meaning that whole-genome sequencing could not be carried out.

“Due to the complexity of the disease, further testing has not enabled us to use whole-genome sequencing to try to understand how the animal became infected in the first place,” she said.

“It is important to remember that infected animals can spread the disease to both animals and people before displaying clinical signs, which is why we take action quickly to limit the risk of the disease spreading.”

Defra said the additional bacteria culturing process carried out is not used to validate previous test results, but instead to identify which strain of the disease is present and inform decisions on testing other animals in the herd.

Dominic Dyer, who had campaigned alongside Ms Macdonald to save Geronimo, said the post-mortem examination results showed the animal did not have bovine TB.

“We finally got the full post-mortem results and it’s clear this animal did not have TB,” he said.

“This case shows the level of incompetence, negligence and deceit on TB policy within Defra that goes back decades.

The Badger Cull – Government incompetence, negligence and deceit on TB policy within Defra that goes back decades.

“Helen was a scapegoat. The poor alpaca Geronimo was killed for absolutely nothing in the most brutal disgusting way in front of the world’s media.

“This is a shameful, shameful incident when it comes to the environment policy and TB policy in this country.

George (Useless) Eustice

“It’s about time that George Eustice took responsibility, and the prime minister firstly apologise to Helen, compensated her for all the pain and suffering she’s gone through and make sure that this never happens again.”

Geronimo ‘killed for nothing’ as campaigners claim post-mortem reveals animal did not have TB (

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In lieu of this, we feel both of them should walk – out of their positions.

What a pathetic example of animal murdering when there is no justification – and remember all the thousands of badger deaths this pair are responsible for.

Regards Mark