Day: December 26, 2021

Germany: the hunting association is angry …

The troops around the President of the German Hunting Association (DJV) have filed a criminal complaint against a hunting opponent.

It has recently been known that hobby hunters are not the brightest candles on the Christmas tree.
The violent perpetrator – Volker Böhning – has been President of the German Hunting Association since June 7, 2019.

Volker Böhning

This hunting association (DJV), which is afflicted with complexes, has now, on behalf of all hobby hunters, filed criminal charges in Germany against “a self-proclaimed animal rights activist and radical opponent of hunting from the state of Hesse.
On his Facebook page he compares hunters with psychopaths and child molesters, among other things, ”says the website of the German Hunting Association.

… This has now also been scientifically proven: hunters suffer from the same psychosis as child molesters and rapists … is the stumbling block of science.

Since when have scientific findings, psychological studies, facts and case studies been hate speech?

“According to the media lawyer Dr. Heiko Granzin is in this specific case a collective insult – but it also affects each hunter individually.
In addition, the hunted opponent is threatened with persecution for sedition, ”continues the German Hunting Association.

Hunting associations primarily cultivate disrespect and a culture of violence – exactly the opposite of what a cultivated person in our society should strive for.

Because of hobby hunters, wild animals also suffer in Germany.
No effort is too great for these people from the dark world of the hunter’s milieu to manipulate democracy, freedom of the press and freedom of expression, justice, etc.

The hunting president Volker Böhning is not interested in any ethics, animal welfare, nature conservation, etc. when hunting.
Hobby hunters still kill at least four out of six million wild animals in Germany for the garbage can, which is actually highly criminal.

Who eats a fox, raccoon, cat, swans or carrion crows?
97 out of 100 foxes are thrown away or hung in the hedge as sluts at their shooting seats.

This is still practiced although for decades countless studies and case studies have proven the nonsense – not just fox hunting.

Hobby hunting has a long tradition of mistreating and damaging our cultural landscape. Today’s hobby hunters are becoming more and more involved in various ways for animal cruelty and the disturbance of fauna.
Hobby hunting ensures again and again that the diversity of species and biodiversity manifest themselves in a manipulative and unnatural way.
Hunting statistics speak for themselves.

Hunting usually does not mean less game, but more births.

Hobby hunting is the No 2 species enemy, along with agriculture.
The whole country is blighted with the negatively contaminated shooting seats.

Every year amateur hunters leave millions of euros in damage to agriculture and forestry.
This should rightly change in the future, also to the benefit of taxpayers.

More and more people are realizing that hunting is an unculture and cruelty to animals. In many countries, hunting bans, hunting restrictions, hunting abolitions, etc. are in development or have already been implemented.

The demand of many animal and nature conservation associations for a general ban on hunting for hobby hunters and the call for professional wildlife management corresponds to the spirit of the times.

The ethical hunter-lies as well as the garbage biology of the hobby hunters are based on a risky half-knowledge about the affliction of the flora and fauna.

The hunt failed.
For decades, hobby hunters have tried to regulate the wild animal population, which they have not succeeded in a civilized way to this day.
Wild animals have virtually no right to natural mortality or disease recovery under the yoke of hobby hunters.

Hunting brings psychological suffering to wild animals.
Fear, horror and terror of being shot down are her companions for a lifetime.
Hobby hunters notoriously disrupt wildlife habitats.

Wild animals do not like hobby hunters.
Wild animals recognize good people and avoid bad people – flee from hobby hunters.

And I mean…The hunter enjoys killing animals while hunting.
Inhibition then no longer bothered him.
The personality disordered does not mind that HE is personality disordered.
He is at peace with himself and thinks that the others are actually the disturbed ones

The researcher Chris Darimont says: “Of course killing an animal makes a hunter very happy, but they are even happier if they have killed a really large animal of a species rather than a small one.”

Criminalist Xanthe Mallett also studied people for whom hunting is a hobby and came to the conclusion that they had a ‘dark triad’ of personality traits.

These include Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy – the same traits found in people who murder people.
And there are even more similarities: Hobby hunters plan their hunt very carefully – and they joyfully wipe out life after life in order to fulfill their own abnormal desires.

In every act of violence, something manifests itself that is already present in the personality but has no place in everyday life.
Killing may have a power component, and hunting is the stage on which that power is exercised.
Animals are victims who are readily available.
Often the species only plays a subordinate role.
Wild animals, domestic animals, “farm animals” ….

When hobby hunters encounter opposition, they quickly come up with terms such as “regulate stocks”, “environmental protection”, “hobby”, or “species protection”.

But anyone who loves animals as such and wants them to be left alone instead of dismembering them does not believe that.
These people are murderers, they collect corpses for trophies.
All that they “gain” with this is the disgust of other people when they see how the hobby hunters admire themselves for the joyful killing of animals.

“With all due understanding for freedom of expression, hate speech is punishable,” the President of the Hunting Association tells us.
This is not about opinions, Mr. Böhning! it is about facts.

My best regards to all, Venus