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Spain-from now on animals are sentient beings by law.

Animals in Spain will no longer be considered as “objects” by the law thanks to new legislation passed on Thursday by Spain’s lower house, the Congress of Deputies.

From now on, animals will be treated as “sentient beings,” and as such will have a different legal standing than an inanimate object.

They will no longer be able to be seized, abandoned, mistreated or separated from one of their owners in the case of a divorce or separation, without having their wellbeing and protection taken into account.

The new law to modify the legal framework of animals was approved on Thursday with wide support from Spain’s Congress – only the far-right Vox party voted against the measure.

The legislation changes the Civil Code, Mortgage Law and Civil Procedure Law, and broadly applies to all animals, whether they are domesticated or wild.

Animals were already recognized as sentient beings, with rights and interests that must be taken into account, in European law, regional administrative laws and even Spain’s Criminal Code.
But this recognition was not present in the Spanish Civil Code, which covers issues relating to property, family and obligations.
This meant that lawyers did not have a legal basis to address certain problems, such as what to do with pets in divorce cases.

“It’s a step forward and it says that in separations and divorces, the arrangement that will be applied to the animals will take into account not only the interests of the humans, but also of the animal,” explained María González Lacabex, from INTERcids, a legal organization specializing in animal protection.

“We are the only species that recognizes the suffering of others and as such we have an obligation to prevent that suffering”
Guillermo Díaz, Ciudadanos lawmaker.

The process to get the law approved has been long and winding.

It was first proposed in 2017, but did not move forward due to the upheaval caused by Spain’s two general elections in April and November of 2019.
It was not until April of this year that the initiative appeared before Congress, where it was supported by all parties except Vox.

In September, the law was then approved by Spain’s upper house, the Senate, which introduced some modifications.
And on Thursday, it was given the final green light by Congress.

The conservative Popular Party (PP) largely supported the text of the document, but warned the coalition government, which is led by the Socialist Party (PSOE) and junior partner Unidas Podemos, that it will not back greater protections for animals.
The warning was in reference to the Social Rights Ministry, headed by Ione Belarra from Unidas Podemos, which is preparing a draft for a new animal welfare law that includes stricter measures to prevent animal trafficking and abuse.

Teresa Aguada, a lawmaker from the PP, called on the Socialists not to “cede to the extremist pressure of your partners [Unidas Podemos] to attack our traditions, culture and rural world.” (!!)

Most of Spain’s congressional parties, however, welcomed the law’s approval. “It’s a moral victory in a country where 200,000 animals are abandoned each year,” said Juantxo López de Uralde, from Unidas Podemos.

Sonia Guaita, from the PSOE, pointed out that similar legislation exists in most European countries, adding: “Those who are violent against animals are potentially violent against humans as well.”

Guillermo Díaz, from the center-right Ciudadanos (Citizens), also defended the law. “We are the only species that recognizes the suffering of others and as such we have an obligation to prevent that suffering,” he said, explaining that up until now, “animals were not considered different from a television” in divorce cases.

The sole voice of dissent came from Vox lawmaker Ángel López Maraver, who is the former president of the Spanish Hunting Federation.
He described the law as “insanity, nonsense, stupidity. It humanizes animals and dehumanizes man.”

And I mean…A small milestone in the Spanish kingdom, where animal cruelty is widespread and where the judiciary still looks the other way when prosecuting ill-treatment.This is the result of years of pressure from animal welfare organizations

The reform could also give the state a new weapon in the fight against the abandoning of dogs and cats
The bill that Spain’s Conservative People’s Party introduced to the national parliament makes it clear that the abuse of animals is not allowed, and neither is the abandoning of pets.

The situation with the animals in Spain is (let’s write “was”) catastrophic.
The previous Animal Welfare Act does not deserve its name in every autonomous community in Spain; often enough it just legalizes the killing of unwanted animals.
In most regions there is hardly a word for animal shelter, as a rule there are animal killing stations in which animals that are picked up are killed after a short period of time if no one claims them.

It is estimated that in Spain 300,000 abandoned animals end up in state animal shelters, known in Spain as “perreras”, every year.

These perreras are operated either privately or by the cities.
Animals are only kept here for a short time, usually 10 to 20 days.
Then the animals come to the killing station.

Many cases of animal abuse in Spain concern hunting dogs.
We have often reported on the miserable life of the Spanish greyhounds in our blog;
They are used en masse for hunting rabbits or for competition – at least as long as they are fast enough.
Three years on average, then they are sorted out, that is: they are hanged, drowned, starved to death or tortured to die in a mass grave.

Therefore, the new legislation is a light of hope in the backward handling of the Spaniards with animals.
Now animals (at least some animals) are to be regarded as living, sentient beings by right.
That is a very good basis, the Spaniards must get the best of this.

Animals are living beings, not possessions.
A fact that should have been a matter of course and legally protected for a long time. And not just in Spain

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Sweet Earth – An Article Provided By Stacey at ‘Our Compass’.

Stacey at ‘Our Compass’ is an animal rights campaigner and friend who regularly supplies us with articles, for which we thank her.

Stacey | Our Compass (

Here below is the latest article which makes very interesting reading;

Thanks Stacey

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PS: McDonalds has always been a huge campaign issue here in the UK. Many years ago we had the ‘McLibel’ issue where some protestors were attempted to be silenced. I have covered this issue once before I think, but consider the video of the fight is worth showing again on another post which I will publish very soon.

Source Sweet Earth

Source Vox

By Matthew Hayek and Jan Dutkiewicz

Plant-based meat has gone mainstream. The Impossible Burger, which debuted at a single restaurant five years ago, is now on Burger King’s permanent menu. And McDonald’s is testing its McPlant burger, featuring a Beyond Meat patty, in select US locations. Both plant-based startups are now veterans in a product category that did $1.4 billion in sales and grew 27 percent in 2020.

Under the tagline “Eat Meat. Save the Planet,” Impossible Foods claims its soy-based burger uses 87 percent less water, takes 96 percent less land, and has 89 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than a beef burger. Beyond Meat makes similar claims about its pea-based burgers.

This matters because animal agriculture contributes around 15 percent of global greenhouse emissions, and experts agree that without a major shift away from meat in our diets, we won’t be able to meet the global community’s climate targets. The promise of plant-based faux meats is that consumers will be able to keep enjoying the foods they love, but with a far lower climate footprint.

But an increasing number of researchersfood critics, and environmental groups are casting doubt on these types of claims, warning that faux meat production still relies on industrial farming practices. They claim that we don’t know enough about these relatively new products to say for certain if they’re better for the environment than the meat they are trying to replace.

One recent whitepaper from an environmental NGO states that the above claims from faux meat companies “are unproven, and some clearly untrue.” A sustainability analyst quoted in the New York Times goes further, claiming that the companies’ secrecy about their production methods means that “We don’t feel we have sufficient information to say Beyond Meat is fundamentally different from JBS.” (JBS is the world’s largest meat producer).

But years of research on the environmental impact of food make one thing clear: Plant proteins, even if processed into imitation burgers, have smaller climate, water, and land impacts than conventional meats. Apart from environmental impact, reducing meat production would also reduce animal suffering and the risk of both animal-borne disease and antibiotic resistance. The criticisms against the new wave of meatless meat appear to be more rooted in broad opposition to food technology rather than a true environmental accounting — and they muddy the waters in the search for climate solutions at a time when clarity is sorely needed.

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Netherlands: Dutch e-Commerce Giant Stops Selling Kangaroo Products.

3 December 2021

World Animal Protection (WAP)

E-commerce giant,, has decided to stop selling kangaroo products, after less than four weeks since World Animal Protection launched its campaign calling on Dutch companies to end the cruel sales. has committed to updating its animal welfare policy: items with kangaroo will no longer be sold on the platform.

World Animal Protection started its campaign on World Kangaroo Day (Sunday, October 24th), and within a month collected more than 18,500 signatures calling on companies to remove kangaroo products from their range.

The European Union and the Netherlands are among the largest kangaroo leather and meat importers. The meat ends up in restaurants, butchers or is processed into pet food. And the leather is used to make ice skates, shoes, hats and other fashion items.

Kangaroo hunting causes enormous animal suffering. About 1.6 million wild kangaroos in Australia are shot for their meat and skin every year. Most kangaroo kills are not immediately lethal, leaving the animals to die a slow, painful death or to be maimed for life.  Young kangaroos are either left defenceless or beaten to death because they are not profitable in this industry. 

But the tide is turning against kangaroo products. joins other retailers including Delhaize, Carrefour, Makro and Spar who have already stopped offering kangaroo skin and meat products.

We are extremely happy with the step that is taking. This shows leadership, proves that animal welfare really matters, and helps consumers make more conscious choices. We hope other companies will follow this fantastic example.” 

Sanne Kuijpers, Wild Animals Campaign Manager at World Animal Protection Netherlands

Over the next four months World Animal Protection will be asking other Dutch companies to remove kangaroo products from their range to end the cruel hunting of these animals. World Animal Protection is also calling on consumers to stop buying kangaroo products.

To find out more and support the campaign, click here.

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Italy: Historic turning point: Italy closer than ever to the ban on the killing of male chicks.

Historic turning point: Italy closer than ever to the ban on the killing of male chicks

3 December 2021

Animal Equality

Recent advocacy efforts by Eurogroup for Animals’ member Animal Equality Italy haved reached a historic turning point with an amendment presented in the Italian Parliament which would introduce, by the end of 2026, the ban on the selective culling of male chicks which are currently considered a production waste within the egg industry.

In the egg industry, male chicks are considered useless for production as they are not able to lay eggs. They can also not be used for meat as they are different from the more common broiler chickens used by the food industry. For this reason, between 25 and 40 million male chicks are killed every year in Italy. 

Shredded alive or suffocated, the chicks are killed immediately, within the first 24 hours of birth, and without the use of stunning techniques.

Eurogroup for Animal’s member Animal Equality Italy launched in 2020 a campaign signed by over 100 thousand people precisely to ask the government and industry to put an end to this terrible situation. Thanks to this work, already in 2020 the trade association of egg producers Assoavi declared itself in favor of the introduction of in-ovo sexing technologies capable of avoiding the culling of male chicks. 

The amendment presented today by MP Francesca Galizia, group leader of the 5-star Movement in the EU Policies Committee, calls for a ban on the selective culling of male chicks of hens by the end of 2026 hens, except in cases where killing is necessary under the current legislation governing animal diseases.

The amendment provides times to adapt to the legislation for updating the work procedures and the technological state of companies in the sector of laying hens. It also supports the introduction and development of technologies and tools for the sexing of in-ovo embryos capable of identifying the sex of the chick even before hatching, also through incentive policies for these technologies. 

In countries such as France and Germany, the introduction of this legislation in order to avoid the killing of male chicks is expected as early as 2022, while the EU Commission has launched a public initiative to carry out an adequacy check of the current rules on the welfare of chicks.

The Italian Parliament will vote on the proposed ammendment in the coming weeks, potentially sparing the lives of millions of male chicks.

It is necessary for Italy to make a choice of responsibility and respect towards animals, sentient beings, which can no longer be considered only industrial waste. The selective killing of male chicks that occurs every year cannot be considered normal. The parliament has a great opportunity by choosing to support this proposal, which also goes towards the lines dictated by the European Union on animal welfare. It is time to encourage the introduction of these in-ovo sexing technologies also in Italy, as producers are already doing, and institutions must commit themselves to this fundamental path for the progress of our country and animals.

Alice Trombetta, Executive Director, Animal Equality Italia

Read more at source

Animal Equality Italy

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Two great actions against the murder of animals – ALF

Received anonymously:

If the animal holocaust industry doesn’t back down, we’ll make it back down! For all the animals murdered daily in fast food chains! 🏴

  •  ALF Destroys Dozens of Hunting Towers (France)

Received anonymously: Action Anti Chasse France Sud

In the face of the hunting dictatorship, the members of ALF destroyed in a few weeks dozens of watchtowers on several sectors. Towers, huts, hunting huts will be systematically broken, cut and scattered so as not to be watered down for these murders tolerated by the French state.

State subject to the hunting lobby, allowing the killing of animals and humans.

Millions of animals are killed each year for this deadly recreation and more than 420 humans have died in 20 years. Regulate each other but not by killing animal people and honest citizens.

Willy Schraen president of the hunters will say “it’s the fault of bad luck”, more than 3/4 of the French vomit you!!

You build, we will destroy all the time … ALF

Devant la dictature de la chasse, les membres d’ALF ont détruit en quelques semaines des dizaines de miradors sur plusieurs secteurs. Tours, huttes, cabanes de chasse seront systématiquement cassés, découpés et éparpillés afin de ne pas être ulilisés pour ces meurtres tolérés par l’état français.

Etat soumis au lobby de la chasse, permettant le meurtre d’animaux et d’humains. Des millions d’animaux tués chaque année pour ce loisir mortifère et plus de 420 humains décédés en 20 ans. Régulez vous entre vous mais pas en tuant les personnes animales et les honnêtes citoyens.

Willy Schraen président des chasseurs dira “c’est la faute à pas de chance”, plus des 3/4 des français vous vomissent !!

Vous construisez, nous détruirons tout le temps … ALF

On behalf of the animals, we thank the ALF activists in both countries.
A great work!

My best regards to all, Venus