EU Commission: where failure is everyday political life

The European Commission wanted to equate hunting and fishing with mining and ban them on 10 percent of the land area.
DJV (German Hunting Association) and other organizations successfully protested against it.

DJV calls on the federal government to implement the biodiversity strategy with a sense of proportion.
The European Commission has given up its controversial goal (!!) of enforcing a hunting ban on ten percent of the land area of ​​the European Union. This is evident from the Commission’s statements on the application of its directives.

User associations, among others, have shown strong resistance to the plans in advance.

The German Hunting Association (DJV) had urged the federal government to delete the problematic formulation and exerted influence through the umbrella organization of European hunters, FACE.

The DJV welcomes the relenting of the European Commission and calls on the new federal government to implement the goals of the EU biodiversity strategy with a sense of proportion.

“Protecting through use is an internationally recognized principle for successful species protection”, said DJV board member Professor Jürgen Ellenberger.

In May 2020, the European Commission presented its guidelines for implementing a biodiversity strategy.
It stipulated that strict protected areas should comprise 10 percent of the land area of ​​the European Union (EU).

The plan was to prohibit any “extractive” activity there.
In addition to mining, this should also include hunting and fishing.

The DJV has now successfully protested against this approach together with FACE, the action alliance Forum Natur and many other organizations. The European Parliament and a large part of the EU member states also expressed strong criticism of the excessive approach of the Commission.

And I mean…This withdrawal has the potential to massively destroy the few remaining wildlife rights, and it has already happened.
The report is the proof that the EU Commission business model is a completely failed institution made up of lazy, irresponsible, corrupt politicians.

As soon as the hunters protested (not sued, just protested) the EU Commission had to give up its target.

This 10% protection would be the least that the EU should do against the massive murder of wild animals, especially wild birds in the EU area. According to reports of the Committee against Bird Murder, the sum of all determined numbers of shooting wild and migrating birds amounts to a total of around 53 million LEGAL deaths per year!

In the case of migratory birds, further losses in the millions are to be expected.

Also not included are losses through illegal hunting and bird trapping, including snares, which are among the most cruel animal traps of all.
As if this were not cruel enough, the commission obeys its allies, the hunter gang, and cancels its decision even to declare the populous 10% of the land area as protected areas.

FACE President, Torbjörn Larsson stated: “We are very pleased that common sense has prevailed and that there is no blanket hunting ban in this new category of strictly protected areas.

FACE has been actively opposed to unjustifiably banning hunting, highlighting that hunters play a key role in protected area management in Europe”. While thanking FACE Members for actively discussing this file at national level, Torbjörn Larsson added: “This shows how important it is for Europe’s 7 million hunters to work together”.

It is understandable that the FACE President gives such shit in public. But the fact that no one from the EU Commission is ashamed of being manipulated and led by FACE is a sign that this authority has no right to exist.

My best regards to all, Venus

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