The invisible slaughter on our seas

A covert investigation of the SOKO animal welfare (Germany)
(Short note: Please read the text first, it is the literal translation of the video from me)

A small fishing boat and the terrible massacre that causes every day.
Crime scene: our North Sea

Countless animals slowly suffocate, there is no anesthetic, only a slow, gruesome death.
Often the animals are torn open when fully conscious and eviscerated alive.

Millions of sharks die this way.

Not anywhere in Asia, but on the European coasts like here on video in France and Great Britain.
The little ones, the young ones, the unwanted, they are all suffocated, crushed, trampled underfoot.

When the fishermen only need the crab claws, they tear them out of the living animal and throw the mutilated creature back into the sea to die in agony.
The eyes of many of the fish, which are sensitive to pain, are pushed out of their heads by the rapid pressure difference when the net is rolled up.

If the catch is not welcome, the animal will be trodden on.

The trawler fishery is the total destruction of our sea.
Politics is silent.
They feel pain
and fear
they suffer
they are individuals
our fellow creatures
Save them
save yourself
it is the blue planet
their planet
if it dies we all will not survive

SOKO Tierschutz

And I mean…Just a small fishing trawler, one of thousands in the EU.
Every animal that is not suffocated is slaughtered. The agony of animals is terrible.
Such a cutter kills more sentient beings per day than Tönnies and Tyson combined.

Control and laws? – Nothing
Politics is failing all along the line, as is the case with any area of ​​animal welfare.
“Bottom trawling, with its total destruction of our seas, is to be equated with slashing and burning the rainforests,” says SOKO Tierschutz.

The fishing industry is by far the most destructive industry in our oceans.
There is no sustainable commercial fishing industry.
More than 2 trillion fish are caught from the sea each year, excluding the 120 billion that are killed on fish farms.

That killing is far greater than the estimated 65 billion animals killed for meat and fur each year.
Corruption, slavery and human trafficking are common in the fishing industry.

Around 300,000 dolphins, whales and porpoises are killed every year by fishing and up to 30,000 sharks every hour.
Fish is supposed to be healthy – we read that every day in the press – but have you ever asked yourself who pays for these studies?
It’s like the meat industry is telling you to eat meat every day.
A lot of money is involved, with $ 5 billion in subsidies going to the fishing industry worldwide.
There are even NGOs that make a profit by awarding eco-labels, even though sustainable fishing is next to impossible.

“When consumers order fish in a restaurant or buy it from the market, they are supporting the global destruction of marine ecosystems.
They support the impoverishment of craft and indigenous communities.
They support slavery and slave labor at sea, ”said Captain Paul Watson.

Most of us will likely no longer live to see the death of the oceans, but our children and grandchildren will endure the horrors of that destruction.

And the survivors will hate us all for it.

My best regards to all, Venus

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