Nicaragua: Thousands of sea turtles lay their eggs under military protection

Soldiers have guarded thousands of sea turtles on the coast of Nicaragua in the past few days.

The animals laid their eggs under military protection (!!)

A member of Nicaragua’s army carries a paslama (or Lora) turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) after it laid her eggs at the beach in La Flor Wildlife Refugee in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, during nesting season, on December 5, 2021. –  (Photo by Oswaldo RIVAS / AFP)

Together with the environmental authorities of the country, the emergency services on the beach of La Flor in San Juan del Sur in the south of the country are to prevent residents from neighboring communities from plundering the nests of the olive ridged turtles.

The turtle species is considered critically endangered.

The sea turtles cover long distances to lay their eggs in the La Flor and Chacocente nature reserves on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast.

Authorities estimate that out of 100 hatched turtles, 90 make it into the ocean, but only 3 reach adulthood.

However, the young animals in particular are exposed to many other dangers: They are eaten by larger fish and seabirds.

In addition, pollution, boats and fishing pose a threat to the turtles.

For example, many animals are killed as “bycatch”.

Each of the turtles lays around 90 eggs.

The offspring hatch from the eggs after about 40 to 70 days.

When fully grown, the animals are a little over half a meter tall and weigh around 38 kilograms.
Source: spiegel

And I mean…Nice! the good news of the day!

You can see, if wanted, that the military can also be used for extremely sensible measures: to protect endangered animals from human violence.
It would be nice if the example caught on worldwide.
For many other endangered animal species too!
This is really a military phrase that can be welcomed without reservation.

In the country’s most recent elections (November 2021), Nicaraguan President Ortega received 75 percent of the vote.
The Biden government condemns the Sandinista government of Ortega as undemocratic and threatens with consequences for his election victory.

The US should be the last to criticize other nations’ elections.
Any election result that the US does not like is a bad one; any brutal dictator, as long as he is on the side of the United States, is good.

We congratulate on the election result and hope that further such meaningful actions for animals on the part of the government will follow!

My best regards to all, Venus

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