USA: The Upcoming Trial Of Matt Exposing Pig Farming Animal Cruelty Could Be The National Opportunity To Challenge The Constitutionality Of Ag-Gag Laws.

USA: Pigs To The Slaughter – What Man Will Do To Intelligent, Sentient Beings. – World Animals Voice

“I’m heading to Iowa later this week to visit my family for possibly the last time in a while. Later this month, I start a felony trial where I’m facing up to 8 years in prison for investigating Iowa’s largest “pork” producer and rescuing a sick piglet named Gilly.

It happened in the spring of last year amid widespread COVID outbreaks at slaughterhouses nationwide. An employee whistleblower tipped us off about Iowa Select Farms — unable to send pigs to slaughter — using a gruesome mass kill method called “ventilation shutdown” or VSD. Thousands of pigs were loaded into a shed, the vents were sealed off, and heat and steam were pumped inside to kill them in an agonizing, slow death. With a team of investigators, I helped capture the horrific process on camera and sent it to the media.

The exposé garnered support from millions of people, but the authorities in Iowa decided to prosecute me instead of the animal-abusing company. And Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds stood by the factory farms too. Less than 2 weeks after the investigation was publicized, Governor Reynolds signed Iowa’s third ag-gag law, creating a new crime called “food operation trespass” which I was later charged under.

But you know what? I consider it a blessing in disguise.

My trial now has the opportunity to challenge the constitutionality of ag-gag laws and establish a precedent for a new wave of anti-ag-gag legislation.

Imagine if instead of covering up animal cruelty, our laws gave ordinary people the right to see inside these places, and even the right to rescue sick and suffering animals. That’s what is at stake in this trial.

And that’s why I want to ask you…

Will you join me in Iowa for this groundbreaking trial?

Sign up here to register for court support during my trial and get important updates about the event.
Whether you’re supporting in person or online, stay tuned for more updates and ways you can help.

Thank you for your support.


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Regards Mark

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