USA: Full Solidarity From Us (at WAV) To Matt – Re Iowa Factory Farms Roasting Pigs Alive.



Direct Action Everywhere

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1/6/20 – LATEST NEWS from Matt.

He has now gone back with other activists to the Iowa pig roasting facility.


New video:



Hi Mark,

The jail kicked me out.

So I went right back to the farm that we exposed roasting pigs alive through “ventilation shutdown.” 

They’re about to do it again, but activists are locking down at the farm RIGHT NOW, blocking trucks hauling in pigs, and demanding an end to the violence.

Help us elevate the cries of the pigs and get Governor Kim Reynolds to end this horror and start protecting animals and workers.

Join the action now and share the livestream to help us force a response


Then please help us get our message to Kim Reynolds every way that you can. You can tweet at her asking her to end VSD and #CancelAnimalAg. You can call her office at 515-281-5211 and leave a message. You can submit an email through her website here. We need as many people speaking up as possible if we’re going to protect these animals and the workers who suffer emotional trauma in this violent industry.


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