Day: June 30, 2020

England: Of Mice and Bees !





Well things have been busy here – just preparing new drilled logs for the ‘Bee Hotel’ to keep our bee friends happy and also so that they can pollinate all the apple trees in the orchards.

Read more about the process by looking at the very recent post that I did on the subject of the bees and the hotel – you may find the process interesting – I know I do !:


Here are a few new photos of the latest drilled logs which will replace some of the old and very used chambers in the hotel – see photo below of old logs:





Above –  Ready for delivery.




(Above) –  The box on the right is not bad carpentry ! – the little slits front and back of the floor let fresh air to circulate and any urine escape from our little friends when they want to have a pee during their hibernation / sleep cycles.


Also, as you can see from these new pictures, I have just finished the last 3 dormouse boxes for our little friends.  They are the same ones as shown in the above link, and so far they have not yet gone off to Jeskyns.

I hope this will encourage you all to become involved in drilling out some log chambers for the solitary bees.  By far they are the best pollinators and a ‘must’ for your garden.


So get cracking; ad get the bees and maybe some dormice into your patch.

Regards Mark




One of ‘our’ dormice (a boy) gets a health check and is weighed – all good !





Sweet ‘nutty’ dreams !



bee hotel use


(Above) –  A drilled newer log (left) at our hotel  and other older ones which we will now replace.

Note some of the chambers sealed up with mud – read the process in the top link.



sol bee 3


sol bee 4

Pollen covered solitary bee.


19 Mar 2 resize

Our bee hotel before it was given a new roof recently.



Me with Denise the Head Ranger in front of our hotel.




One of my favourite English bands – ‘The Cure’ – song – ‘A Forest’ – Enjoy:





German hunting fair: The Mecca of animal killers

The “Jagd & Hund (Hunting and Dog)” fair, which takes place annually in Dortmund, Germany, is Europe’s largest hunting fair.

The organizers advertise themselves with the participation of exhibitors from over 40 nations from all continents.

jagd und hund 1
Among them are almost 180 tour operators who offer the shooting down of individuals of endangered and protected species such as various deep sea birds and songbirds, polar bears, rhinos, elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, monkeys, brown bears, and wolves – quite legally.

As in colonial times, wealthy trophy hunters shoot endangered animals.

jagd in kolonialzeit _0
We are currently experiencing the greatest loss of species since time immemorial.

Hunting methods are used that are prohibited in Germany for good reasons: hunting with a bow and arrow, crossbow, or revolver. A hunting license is often not even required. In some places, wild animals such as for example Lions specially bred in hunting farms to have them shot by trophy hunters in large enclosures.

Jagd Eine erschossene Antilope liegt am Boden

In Africa alone, 18,000 trophy hunters kill over 100,000 wild animals each year.

The shooting down of an individual animal often endangers their entire family and group system.

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Australia: the annual slaughter of kangaroos

OZ Coat of Arms_001

The Australian Government authorizes the slaughter of millions of kangaroos every single year. They are shot at night in the vast outback, away from public scrutiny. 40 percent of kangaroos are not expertly killed, they suffer wounded for hours.


Farmers have a financial interest in the mass murder:

Around half of the merino wool produced worldwide comes from Australia. The herds and the need for pasture land are correspondingly large.

Wild kangaroos take away the pastures from the flocks of sheep. This annoys the Australian farmers – they consider the national symbol like a plague and a threat to their financial income from the sale of the merino wool.

kangoroo n

The flesh and leather of the killed kangaroos are exported in large quantities.
Germany is one of the main sales markets for kangaroo products.


And I mean…It is the largest annual massacre of wildland animals on the planet. And one of the most brutal.

Kangaroo carcases-®Hopping Pictures

Shame on Australia for murdering their iconic kangaroos to make meaningless purses, wallets, jackets, shoes, or sporting goods! The killing is a disgrace – cruel and entirely profit-motivated.

Shame on Australia, on farmers and murderous hunters who always want to protect their businesses with murder.

This corrupt government is not only to blame for the annual mass murder of the harmless kangaroos but also for the murderous business model of ship transport with sheep to Kuwait and the Arab Emirates.

The Australian government must go, Morrison must go.

My best regards to all Venus