Day: June 1, 2020

France: Hunters use live ducks as decoys

30. Mai 2020

FRANCE -Live “decoy ducks” are bred especially for their beautiful voices.

Flag of France, hand drawn watercolor illustration

When adult, they are elevated in micro prisons along the banks of a dam to vocally attract their free-flying friends while the hunters lie in wait, their rifles at the ready.

Enten als Lockmittel für ihre Artenpg

When will our base level of ecological unconsciousness in the name of sport ever change?

We demand an immediate end of this shameful practice.

France: Ban the use of live ducks, encaged, to attack their wild friends, to be shot down.

“Ever since we arrived on this planet as a species, we’ve hunted them down, dug them up, burned, and poisoned them. Today we are doing so on a greater scale than ever”. (Sir David Attenborough)

Petition –


And I mean… Hunters are serial killers.
Like the serial killer, hunters have to prove their status as a person who has power over life and death.
Both the serial killer and the violent hobby hunter thinks he is taking part in something important.

It is time for every civilized society to recognize hobby hunting for what it really is: a pastime for psychopaths that is kept alive with government support.

So we never tire of publishing their crimes so that everyone knows about them.

Sign the petition:


My best regards to all, Venus

England: New Life – Live Nesting Bird Webcam Links Here – Enjoy !




I hope this works ok for our overseas supporters.

Here in England; there are many sites around the country where webcams have been installed to enable us, the public. To watch live the daily activities of a wide range of birds who have nested in many different places.

The links are below – I hope they work ‘abroad’; I see no reason why they don’t.

Enjoy the new life; a little break from all the bad things that we have to publish every day !

Regards Mark


We are delighted that peregrine falcons make our tower their home in their breeding season – there have been records of them nesting here between 1864 and 1953, after which there was a long period of absence caused by persecution and the use of organophosphates.

In 2014 a mated pair nested, producing and fledging four chicks successfully in a nestbox built by the Works Yard team. Since then peregrines have hatched and fledged from the Tower every year except for 2018, when a territorial battle between two females prevented laying.

Our resident peregrines are so popular they even have their own YouTube channel live stream and all our chicks are ringed so that we can follow their progress. One of our peregrines, Sally (an adult female), is fitted with a satellite tracker.

This year an unringed peregrine had four chicks. Don’t be alarmed if you can’t see all of them on the camera. As they’ve grown in size and confidence they have started to explore their surroundings.


Watch the Wild in Action


Ospreys, puffins, peregrines, owls…and more! Watch wildlife on webcams provided by Wildlife Trusts across the British Isles. Webcams allow an unrivaled view of intriguing behaviours: from courtship, nesting, and hatching to a peep into the first few weeks of a chick’s life. Be warned – it’s addictive viewing!

Please be aware that webcams may not be live year-round.

Want more ways to connect with wildlife? Sign up for 30 Days Wild! We’re challenging everyone to do one wild thing every day during June!


Australia: Live Exports – Rural Export & Trading or RETWA, is seeking an exemption to regulations because a disease outbreak on one of their ships meant they couldn’t get their last shipment out before the deadline.




WAV Comment – have you ever heard such crap from a business of total crap ?

Yet again, we see the filth trying anything they can to continue with the abuse of animals for financial gain.  Lets hope that they go bust – the sooner the better !



Live sheep exporter seeking an exemption to animal protection regulations


Today is the 1st of June, and the first day of the new regulated prohibition period for live sheep export
From now until 14 September, sheep are supposed to be protected from live export into the searing heat and humidity of the Middle Easter summer.
Except one live exporter, Rural Export & Trading or RETWA, is already seeking an exemption because a disease outbreak on one of their ships meant they couldn’t get their last shipment out before the deadline.
This is the most dangerous time for sheep to be exported. These are the months when sheep suffer and die in the largest numbers. That’s why the prohibition is in place.

The answer to RETWA’s mind-boggling request for exemption must be no.

Want to help us stop this? Click below to add your voice to the thousands of people already speaking out to say,



October 2018 archive:


Thursday, 18th October 2018

The RSPCA has expressed its shock and disbelief that another company closely affiliated with disgraced live exporters Emanuel Exports and EMS Rural Exports has had an export licence approved.

RSPCA Australia Senior Policy Officer Dr Jed Goodfellow condemned the Department of Agriculture’s decision to grant an export licence to the Kuwait Livestock and Trading (KLTT) company’s Australia subsidiary, Rural Export Trading WA (RETWA).

“It absolutely beggars belief, how the Department could think it could possibly meet its regulatory obligations in granting this licence,” said Dr Goodfellow.

“KLTT has a horrific track record of animal cruelty and disaster in live exports, and has been implicated in multiple ESCAS breaches and animal cruelty investigations in Kuwait in recent years,

“What the public needs to know, is that RETWA had its export licence cancelled in 2004 by then Nationals Agriculture Minister Warren Truss following 25 high mortality voyages within a two-year period between 2000-2002,

“And when this happened, Emanuel Exports filled the gap providing export services for KLTT,

“Now that Emanuel Exports has had its licence cancelled, RETWA is stepping back in,

“It’s another example of the live export shell game, and KLTT is playing the Department of Agriculture for fools,

“RETWA and disgraced Emanuel Exports are closely affiliated trading partners – they’ve shared the same Directors and the same live export ships,

“Graham Daws founded RETWA in 1973, the same year he became director of Emanuel Exports before stepping down earlier this year following the Awassi Express scandal.

“KLTT leased the Awassi Express, and was the consignee/importer for all five horrific voyages exposed on 60 Minutes this year,

“This decision makes an absolute mockery of our already-troubled live export regulation,

This is another dark day in Australia’s terrible history of volatile live sheep exports and serves as further proof of the incompetence of the live export regulator, ,” said Dr Goodfellow.

The decision comes as the community awaits the long-overdue findings of the Moss review into the Department’s capabilities, investigative capacity and culture as live export regulator, and which were due to be handed down in August.

“What’s clearer than ever before now, is that the live sheep export industry has no capacity or willingness to change,” said Dr Goodfellow.

“It’s business as usual for live exporters and their supporters, protecting their mates and doing their best to get around government regulations,” said Dr Goodfellow.

“But I think we may look back on this shameful day as the final nail in the coffin for live sheep exports,

“An industry that has such reckless disregard for community expectations and Australian regulations has no chance of long-term survival,

“The Australian community are sick to death of this trade and it is only a matter of time before it will be brought to an end,” said Dr Goodfellow.

USA: Full Solidarity From Us (at WAV) To Matt – Re Iowa Factory Farms Roasting Pigs Alive.



Direct Action Everywhere

See our recent post:





1/6/20 – LATEST NEWS from Matt.

He has now gone back with other activists to the Iowa pig roasting facility.


New video:



Hi Mark,

The jail kicked me out.

So I went right back to the farm that we exposed roasting pigs alive through “ventilation shutdown.” 

They’re about to do it again, but activists are locking down at the farm RIGHT NOW, blocking trucks hauling in pigs, and demanding an end to the violence.

Help us elevate the cries of the pigs and get Governor Kim Reynolds to end this horror and start protecting animals and workers.

Join the action now and share the livestream to help us force a response


Then please help us get our message to Kim Reynolds every way that you can. You can tweet at her asking her to end VSD and #CancelAnimalAg. You can call her office at 515-281-5211 and leave a message. You can submit an email through her website here. We need as many people speaking up as possible if we’re going to protect these animals and the workers who suffer emotional trauma in this violent industry.


No milk today

For the International Milk Day, June 1, 2020

So far, over 100 campaigns from around the world have been announced or registered for the day. We have not yet discovered one from Germany. On the action map for World Milk Day 2020, the center of Europe is rather a blank spot.

milk. karte mit Milch Aktionenjpg

When almost everyone talks about milk and its “miracle” effects on this day, we have found a scientific article that can cure even those who still believe in miracles. Because it is now known that milk is not as healthy as it has been for a long time.

And everyone must finally learn that drinking milk can not only harm their bodies but also cause suffering and death for millions of animals.


Bodo Melnik, professor of nutritional science at the University of Osnabrück, Germany, is considered one of the greatest critics of the drink. He makes it clear why he thinks it is extremely questionable to consume cow’s milk.

“Milk is not a product,” he told the “Vegan World ” magazine.
“Milk is a highly complex signal substance for the care of a newborn. His signal is growth.
“You could also understand it as a kind of doping. But this has to end after weaning”, explains Melnik.
“All animals then stop – only humans don’t.”

Man trink von Milchkuh Zitsenn

Milk increases the risk of prostate cancer

According to the scientist from Osnabrück, when drinking milk, a signal is sent to the human body and this is aimed at growth – that’s why milk is so important for newborns.
In contrast, stimulating an adult’s body to grow could be dangerous.

After all, tumors arise from an uncontrolled proliferation of cells.

It is now known that the risk of prostate cancer due to milk consumption increases.
Why is that?

Melnik made a hardware-software argument. Milk brings the hardware with amino acids. These form the basis of proteins and activate the growth of cells.

It becomes more critical when the software aspect comes into play: the scientist has found about 250 genetic particles in cow’s milk. High consumption may lead to changes in your own genetics. It is not yet clear what the specific consequences are.


Does milk really provide calcium?

The health benefits of milk are now also being questioned. A common thesis is that the drink is important for strong bones. Contradicting opinions claim that the protein content overacidifies the body, which means that the important calcium is excreted more and more.

So is milk a calcium supplier or not?
As “Vegan World” reports, the calcium balance of dairy products is generally positive.
However, it is uncertain whether this will strengthen the bones.

For risks like osteoporosis there are numerous other factors such as your own genetics, hormones or your level of activity.


And I mean…For us today, it’s not just about the health damage or benefits of milk.
It is about the mother cows, who are enslaved and exploited lifelong as turbo machines, with udders so big that they can no longer walk.
And as soon as they stop delivering their 50 liters of milk a day, they are brutally slaughtered.

That is the milk, that is the system of milk production, that is our enemy.

kuh eutern

It is about the financial gain of the slave owners, the cattle breeders, who get their legally guaranteed license from criminal governments to torture and slaughter their  “milk” cows.

And then the stolen milk, for which the blood of innocent mammals has been spilled, is also thrown away when the sale is not worth it: “European farmers have had to pour some of their milk away”, we read in the media.

Today we have nothing to celebrate, because we know how the milk production system works.
Avoid milk and animal products.

Stop supporting this shit with your money. Don’t buy it.

Not just because of your health, or to make you feel better, but because it is the right thing against this fascist system of exploitation.

schwangere Kuh transportiert

My best regards to all, Venus