Day: June 16, 2020

The world dictatorship is coming

At least 2 billion people, especially caregivers, senior citizens, and high-risk patients, are to be vaccinated with a genetic vaccine against Covid-19 that is already in production.

Erde mit Corona Maske

The pharmaceutical industry saves the world at the speed of light – so fast that you can hardly keep up with the reporting.

At a record pace and neglecting all previously applicable rules and requirements for clinical studies, two billion vaccine doses against Covid-19 will be available by the end of 2020.

Alongside Bill and Melinda Gates, only the best of the best are at the top of the frenzied saviors of humanity.

gates mit spritze

On June 6, 2020, the British pharmaceutical company “AstraZeneca” announced that the company plans to produce 2 billion vaccine doses of the genetically modified adenovirus vaccine ADZ1222 by the end of the year and guarantees that it can already deliver 300 million of them.

For this, “AstraZeneca” received a $ 750 million budget increase from GAVI and CEPI.


Another billion vaccine doses will be provided in cooperation with the Serum Institute of India (SII), the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, to recipients in developing countries.

impfung Labor IndiapgVaccine Manufacturing. Image Credit: The Serum Institute of India


Pascal Soriot, head of AstraZeneca, defines the goal of the strong alliance: ” We leave no one behind and we will continue to work hard to ensure that this vaccine is available quickly and across the world” (!!!)

AstraZeneca (AZ) said it had already produced a billion vaccine doses last month – although it is clear that it will not be possible to deliver these doses unless the studies produce the desired results.

In addition, the high speed of development of the vaccine caused concern in countries.

To calm the unsettled audience, the WHO spoke up – represented by its leading scientist Soumya Swaminathan:…an optimistic scenario is a vaccine produced in the ‘tens of millions’ next year, which would be mainly distributed to healthcare workers, and far larger volumes in 2022. To inoculate the world and defeat Covid-19 could take four to five years”, she says. (…)


But Bill and his wife Melinda don’t seem to think much of all these infinitely slow baby-walking ideas by scientist Swaminathan.

Because it`s about a lot of money. Such a business cannot wait, it can only be achieved at the speed of light.


My comment: The German media said today: “Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands have signed a contract with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to secure up to 400 million doses of corona vaccine for the EU countries”.

So we buy a vaccine that doesn’t yet exist!!

The German Minister of Health said: “The rapid, coordinated action of a group of member states creates added value for all EU citizens in this crisis. Together with the EU Commission, we want to become even faster and more negotiating in the future (…) Not everyone will be vaccinated anyway, it will be nurses and medical staff first. As well as old people and risk groups”.

Aha! Those who cannot show all these “qualifications” will have to wait..

If you still have questions about who could be the global organizer of this show, you should read our previous blog posts. The usual suspects have already been mentioned many times, which is why we do not repeat them.

My best regards to all, Venus

Scotland: Live Calf Exports From Scotland – Judicial Review – LATEST News From CIWF, London.





Another live exports campaign day; and we are very used to it.  Until we win we don’t stop !


Very bad news for Australian sheep – see the very recent post at:


In the UK: (From CIWF London)




A HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated or taken action in response to our legal fight against the export of young calves from Scotland.

The court hearing for our Judicial Review has now been set for 4th August. But, yesterday,

The Scottish Government applied for a delay.

We want to stop animals suffering NOW. So we’ve submitted an objection to this outrageous attempt to play for time – and the court may decide for or against a delay in the next few days.

In the meantime, let’s keep up the fight for justice for calves. If you haven’t already done so, please take action here.




URGENT – Take action now and e mail the Scottish Government:




Thank you to everyone who took a stand on Sunday for the 5th annual International Awareness Day against live exports. Not least to Compassion’s fantastic patron and stalwart animal welfare campaigner, Peter Egan, who led our UK day of action.

Social media was awash with #BanLiveExports, and policy makers around the globe felt the heat of public opinion against this appalling trade. See how the world united for animals on 14th June.




In a new report about the export of EU animals by sea, the European Commission documents sub-standard vessels, inadequate checks on ships and poor legal accountability. It also identifies illegally high temperatures in trucks, and under-reporting of animals who are unfit to travel.

Compassion, and other NGOs, have been raising these concerns for years. Now, finally, the Commission has acknowledged that this trade is failing to protect animals. Find out more here.



40 MEPs have now joined Compassion and over 35 other NGOs to campaign for an immediate halt to EU live exports during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, due to concerns about legal compliance, the Dutch Agriculture Minister has stopped all live exports where a 24-hour rest stop outside the EU is required. Exports will only restart if transporters can guarantee animals will be rested.

This follows persistent campaigning by CIWF Netherlands and other organisations. It sets an important precedent, and adds to the pressure for urgent European Commission action against live exports.








Australia: Animals Australia Lose Court Case – Sheep WILL Be Exported to Kuwait in Extreme Heat. Legal Commitments were made, only to be broken. Laws enacted, only to see exemptions granted to those laws.



WAV Comment – money before welfare – a global problem.. We stand with Animals Australia throughout in their fight to speak up for those who have no voice.   Lets hope the Australian elections are very soon.


Mark, I so wish I was contacting you with better news…

Despite the extraordinary efforts of our legal team, who worked day and night over the past three days, we were unable to get the exemption granted to ship 50,000 sheep to Kuwait overturned by the Federal court.

I know how you will be feeling at this news. The deepest sense of injustice, of betrayal. The northern summer ban that was introduced to ensure exporter interests were never again put before the welfare of animals, has failed at its first test.

As you know, commitments were made, only to be broken. Laws enacted, only to see exemptions granted to those laws. Sheep who should be spared, will now be shipped into the extreme heat of a Middle East summer.

I’m sure you may be wondering, how did things go so fundamentally wrong? The answer to that question will start a conversation that animals desperately need us to have.

It would be easy to blame the regulator or the government or the exporter — but their actions are based on and influenced by one underlying factor — a legal system that denies animals raised for food the same compassion, moral consideration and legal protection as other animals in human care.

As a result, vulnerable beings who feel fear and pain are decreed property, items to trade, lives to be bought and bartered, warm bodies to be brutalised.

This cannot be allowed to continue. For when profits have the power to impair our compassion — it is not only animals who suffer, our own humanity is violated and diminished.

Throughout history there have been ‘moments in time’; occurrences that are so at odds with our truth, with our humanity, with our potential, that we are forced to look within and ask, ‘how did we come to this place?’ Inevitably, the answers sought and found fuelled needed transformation.

Let us commit to making the decision to grant this exemption and ship these sheep to Kuwait one of these ‘moments in time’. Let it be the catalyst for a conversation that as a society we need to have — as to how deeply and profoundly programmed we are to think about animals raised for food differently — and the consequences animals bear as a result.

These sheep were not considered by authorities for who they are — vulnerable beings whose well-being is dependent on human kindness and consideration. They became numbers on applications and on spread sheets.

In the granting of this exemption, we will never see a more striking example of the legacy of an inherited belief system that deems animals who are eaten as less deserving of our care and protection.

My commitment to these animals and to you today Mark, is to work even harder to create the shift in human thinking needed to bring all animals into our circle of compassion.

While today has been a difficult day, it makes me ever more grateful for your faith and support, for your presence in this world, and for the compassion and kindness that resides in your heart.

We can and will pave that pathway to a kinder world together.

Onwards dear friend.

For the animals,

Lyn White AM
Director of Strategy