Scotland: Live Calf Exports From Scotland – Judicial Review – LATEST News From CIWF, London.





Another live exports campaign day; and we are very used to it.  Until we win we don’t stop !


Very bad news for Australian sheep – see the very recent post at:


In the UK: (From CIWF London)




A HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated or taken action in response to our legal fight against the export of young calves from Scotland.

The court hearing for our Judicial Review has now been set for 4th August. But, yesterday,

The Scottish Government applied for a delay.

We want to stop animals suffering NOW. So we’ve submitted an objection to this outrageous attempt to play for time – and the court may decide for or against a delay in the next few days.

In the meantime, let’s keep up the fight for justice for calves. If you haven’t already done so, please take action here.




URGENT – Take action now and e mail the Scottish Government:




Thank you to everyone who took a stand on Sunday for the 5th annual International Awareness Day against live exports. Not least to Compassion’s fantastic patron and stalwart animal welfare campaigner, Peter Egan, who led our UK day of action.

Social media was awash with #BanLiveExports, and policy makers around the globe felt the heat of public opinion against this appalling trade. See how the world united for animals on 14th June.




In a new report about the export of EU animals by sea, the European Commission documents sub-standard vessels, inadequate checks on ships and poor legal accountability. It also identifies illegally high temperatures in trucks, and under-reporting of animals who are unfit to travel.

Compassion, and other NGOs, have been raising these concerns for years. Now, finally, the Commission has acknowledged that this trade is failing to protect animals. Find out more here.



40 MEPs have now joined Compassion and over 35 other NGOs to campaign for an immediate halt to EU live exports during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, due to concerns about legal compliance, the Dutch Agriculture Minister has stopped all live exports where a 24-hour rest stop outside the EU is required. Exports will only restart if transporters can guarantee animals will be rested.

This follows persistent campaigning by CIWF Netherlands and other organisations. It sets an important precedent, and adds to the pressure for urgent European Commission action against live exports.








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