Day: June 17, 2020

Animals, our partners

Animals can coexist, animals make loyal friendships, animals respect each other, animals have an enormous range of feelings.

When will we finally learn to see them as equal partners and share our lives with them in peace, happiness, and freedom?

Regards and good night from Venus

How long will we do this to the animals?!?

From Martin Balluch’s blog *, June 15, 2020

I feel sick in two ways when I have to look through these photos that have been leaked to the “Association against animal factories”.

First, because here again someone shamelessly dupes the public and pretends that everything is fine in pig farming in Austria.


We know that from our Minister of Agriculture, how exemplary Austria is… and blah, blah… the pigs love the concrete slatted floor … that’s how they are!!
Secondly, looking at these photos makes me nauseous when I see the suffering of the pigs so directly.

I will never get used to it. These poor creatures in these terrible filthy holes, hurt, desperate, forgotten.

balluch schweine 7pg

The company Berger-Schinken with a pig slaughterhouse in Lower Austria is big. It has 4 branches and 3 markets, according to its own website

And it has been honored by the Republic of Austria for several years. Last year, it is said, a record turnover of € 150 million was made. Well, someone immediately thinks that with so much profit, a lot will fall into the welfare of the pigs, which are delivered to the slaughterhouse by the partner companies!
After all, it is these pigs that make such wealth possible.

If you click on the website, on the tab “Sustainability”, the whole thing looks like this:

balluch schweine 2



“Regional optimal, from the farmer next door”...” why in the distance wander?”. Oh, madness!

Yes, why go so far when you have the animal factory right next door. Or is it one? If you approach the farm, you will soon see around 200 pigs rolling in the straw, in an open area with lots of air and sun!!

Balluch schweine 3 pg

Yes, what? Exactly! The pork is produced there. There, away from the eyes of the public, invisible and inconspicuous behind factory gates, where the rest of the approx. 2500 pigs of this farm are housed, which make up the majority of the pork production from there. This is where the Berger-Schinken wealth comes from. At the expense of poor creatures!

The first glance into this pig factory is enough for the rest of your life (see picture above and below):

Balluch schweine 4pg

Horrible tightness, horrible full-slatted floor, horrible injuries, horrible lack of employment.

What should these animals do all day long?
Except hurting each other with despair?
What, please, is that a life?
How can we do this to them?

And what does Berger-Schinken company say? I have this screenshot from their website:

Schweine Im Stroh.Balluch pngDoing business – taking responsibility (!!!)


There they are again, the pigs “in the straw”!

Balluch schweinespalten 1 jpg
And the Berger-Schinken company also assumes responsibility right away. They even have an “animal welfare initiative” and an “animal-friendly environment” for the funny pigs, and they guarantee “compliance with basic animal ethics”.
What, please, is that for a kind of animal ethics?
The right of the stronger? The principle of human primacy over all animals?
The “we take what we can get”?

The “animals are things”, means of production that can be pushed to the biological limit to get maximum profit?
How can one sleep comfortably in the company boss’s villa, while the poor pigs, to whom one owes this wealth, need to vegetate on a bit of bare, dirty concrete floor on 0.55 m² (!) Per 85 kg (!) Pig?

Balluch schweinespalten3jpg

How long has this dead pig been there? Does nobody care? Where do all these maggots come from? Nobody notices? Is this all included in the calculation for input to the pig factory and output of meat, so that the most profit is generated?

balluch schweinespalten 5jpg
Do these totally dirty feed troughs belong there? Is it so much cheaper than the pigs just have to endure it? So that profit can increase from € 149 million to € 150 million?

balluch schweinespalten 6

You shouldn’t be embittered as an animal rights activist?
Shouldn’t one want to send mankind to the hell?
You shouldn’t use harsh words to comment on that?

Do you want to remain understanding and tolerant?

balluch schweinespalten 4pg

Dear reader, with heart and brain, put yourself, very briefly, in one of these pigs and tell me what you feel. Tell me how happy you are to live. Tell me what else you expect from life. Tell me what you actually do for a long day and how you differentiate day and night. Tell me how you can endure that and survive without completely despairing.

And in the end, brutal animal transport and death on the assembly line await you. Without compassion, without mercy.

Szene im Schlachthofjpg

How long will this go on! How long will consumers be cheating? How long will government policy continue to ignore these conditions and do nothing because Austria would be exemplary anyway?

How long will we do this to the animals?!?

* Dr. Dr. Martin Balluch is the founder of VGT (association against animal factories).
An excellent Austrian animal rights activist, with a lot of success for the animals in his country, especially against the gate hunting.


And I mean…The myth of the farmer next door is a protective mechanism for the conscience of meat-eaters.
Today we know what the reality is in the animal farms, we also know about the suffering of the animals we eat.

We want to deny this reality so that we no longer have to think about how we can solve the problem “mass animal suffering”.
In general, with meat consumption, we have adopted a violent ideology that we want to justify as such with the myth of responsible meat consumption.

And that can be found today in organic meat, in regional meat, in animal welfare from farmers next door, in “humane” slaughter …

And so the meat-eaters continue to cooperate with one of the most criminal systems in human history, with the meat production system.

My best regards to all, Venus

Animals Asia: Compassion Has No Limits – The Moon Bears Menu – Please Support If You Can.


Please take a look at the following video and see how the lives of these bile bears has changed since they have been recued by Animals Asia. But despite being free from the suffering of the bile industry, they still need support; as AA has 338 hungry bears to support and feed every day.

If you can give anything, then please do.

Thank you

Regards Mark (WAV).



AA 2 June 2020

AA 3 June 2020


Dear Mark,

As a member of Oliver’s Army you are the lifeblood of Animals Asia. Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing community of compassionate people, united in memory of Oliver.

Every rescued bear is different. But sometimes a bear comes along who, from the very second they are rescued, understands that they are safe. That nobody will ever hurt them again.

Long (pictured), rescued in 2015 after a decade used as a bile machine, was absolutely one of these amazing bears. He immediately put his horrific past behind him, and started living.

Here is a very special video just for you, showing how you have changed Long’s life and how he has grabbed it with both paws!

Without you, joyful moments like this wouldn’t be possible. You’re helping bears like Long to start again. To live happy, fulfilled and rich lives where they try new foods, make new friends and are cared for properly at every life-stage, for as long as they live. That’s why your support means so much.

Thank you again for being part of something so special,




Jill Robinson MBE, Dr med vet hc, Hon LLD
Founder and CEO

Follow me on twitter @MoonBearJill

(Now that is a hero of a lady !! – Mark)


Breaking! – The Colombian Senate Votes To Ban Animal Testing For Cosmetics; Bill Now Moves To President’s Desk For Signature.



WAV Comment – Congratulations to the Colombian Senate for a historic vote – proving that there is no need for animal testing in whatever shape or form.




Breaking! The Colombian Senate Votes To Ban Animal Testing For Cosmetics; Bill Now Moves To President’s Desk For Signature


Last week, the Colombian Senate voted to ban cosmetics testing on animals. The new bill, which will come into effect in 2024, prohibits the use of animals for the purpose of testing cosmetic products and their ingredients imported or manufactured in Colombia.

The Senate was almost unanimous in voting for the bill to pass. Congress sessions had been postponed due to COVID-19, but resumed virtually so that the bill and other legislative initiatives could be discussed.

With many multinational companies based in Colombia serving the Latin American market, the measure will also impact Pacific Alliance countries such as: Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

Animal Defenders International (ADI) provided research and testimony in support of the bill that was introduced in 2018, and worked with House Representative and the author of the bill Juan Carlos Losada to advance the legislation. The bill is supported by the Colombian Government, National Association of Businessmen, and all 14 political parties.

“Supported by the public, we are delighted that this historic and anticipated initiative to protect animals has finally been approved,” Losada said in a statement.

The legislative text will now, and before June 20th, be reconciled in both Houses, in readiness for the President to sign into law.

“Today, Colombia becomes a better and more humane society, stated Senate co-author of the bill Richard Aguilar. “The prohibition of cosmetics testing on animals will avoid the suffering of thousands of sentient beings and lead to the development of new methods of research.”


Nearly 40 countries have ended the use of animals in cosmetics tests. The UK was the first country to introduce a ban in 1998, as well as India, Israel, New Zealand, and the 27 countries of the European Union.

In the United States, The Humane Cosmetics Act is before Congress and seeks to phase out animal testing for cosmetics, as well as the sale of animal-tested products.

Cosmetics tests on animals can include repeated, toxic doses of products to observe long-term poisonous effects on organs. The animals may be forced to inhale products, or have them pumped down their throats or applied to their skin. In skin sensitization tests to assess potential allergic reactions, researchers cause painful damage to the animals’ skin in order to test products.

Investigations undertaken by ADI have exposed terrible suffering of animals used in cosmetics testing, including racks of rabbits restrained while products are dripped into their eyes, also guinea pigs suffering raw and inflamed skin lesions.

Tests such as these are unnecessary!

Advanced scientific methods that do not involve harming animals are readily available and should be used. Such methods produce results that are more accurate and relevant to humans

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg


Australia: The Al Kuwait Is Under Way With 35,000 Suffering Sheep. Take Action Now To Show Your Feelings – See Actions List Below.




WAV Comment:

As with Animals Australia, the RSPCA Australia, and (here) the crew at Stop Live, we are united in our support for everyone who is fighting this disgusting trade in sentient beings.

Below; in ‘What to do now’; SLE have given a series of things which you can do to follow up the Al Kuwait shipment which took place yesterday. The vast majority of good people are against the abusers who undertake this business; and they know public opinion is against them vastly.

We currently are still fighting live animal exports here within the EU and there is also the case of live calves being exported by the Scottish, via the English port of Ramsgate.

Decent people around the world are wholeheartedly against this abusive trade in live animals. We are proud to be pert of the team and do what we can to support the innocent animals that need us more than ever.

Please take actions as detailed in the ‘what to do now’ links below. Phone, e mail, anything, but please do something. The sheep are on the way to terrible deaths in a foreign land now; and sadly there is nothing much which can now be done to help them. But politics is politics; and politicians need your votes and your support. Please don’t support any political parties or politicians who support this trade – and let them know it ! – they can run but they cannot hide. They will always be remembered as abusive supporters of an abusive trade.   Get them our of their positions; and soon.


Regards Mark



Dear Mark;

As you may or may not be aware, we held a flash protest down at the port yesterday evening as the Al Kuwait loaded 35,000 sheep bound for Kuwait, 17 days after the 1 June deadline. If you were able to make it down there to join us, thank you. If the notice was too short or you didn’t hear about it (or you’re in another state or territory), we’re sorry – due to the CoViD19 restrictions, we had to apply for a police permit and were also awaiting the results fo Animals Australia’s federal court action to apply for an injunction to stop the ship loading.


All pictures – Renee Denys

demo 1


On 2 June, an exemption to the Northern Summer Trade moratorium was denied to Emanuel Exports’ sister company, Rural Export & Trading WA (RETWA), by Tina Hutchence, Assistant Secretary to the Live Export branch of the federal Department of Agriculture (the branch that acts as the “Independent” Regulator of the trade). A second application was received by RETWA, and on Saturday 13 June, an exemption was granted by David Hazlehurst, Deputy Secretary of the federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE).


How this all came about and the legislation and rules for exemptions is a long and convoluted story I won’t go into here, but needless to say, the federal government legislated the northern summer ban to offer some protection to sheep being sent into the Middle East, with a ban on shipping sheep there from 1 June to 14 September inclusive. They then proved that legislation useless, by granting an exemption to RETWA’s parent company, Kuwaiti Livestock Transport & Trading (KLTT), despite there being no exceptional circumstances to merit such an exemption.

demo 2






At the rally, we asked you to do six things:

1/ Email Tina Hutchison who denied the exemption, and say THANK YOU for upholding the legislation and looking after the welfare of the sheep by denying the original application for an exemption:

2/ Email David Hazlehurst and let him know what you think of his decision, and what a mockery it has made for the Summer Trade Ban Order 2020. Be firm, honest, but please do not use threats or physical violence or resort to name-calling.

35,000 sheep will be heading out of 21 degrees Fremantle and into 45+ degree Kuwait to have their throats cut whilst fully conscious after it had already been found ELEVEN days ago that exporting them after the deadline posed significant risks to their welfare:


demo 3



3/ Have a chat with David Littleproud. Whilst it was his decision to grant the exemption, and it was under his watch the more restrictions to the trade were introduced, we feel he should know how the public feels about this horrendous decision by the Deputy Secretary:

Parliamentary Office: (02) 6277 7190

He also has THREE electoral offices in Queensland:
(07) 46622715
(07) 4622 7166
(07) 4661 2494



4/ Email the CEO of the Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC), Mark Harvey-Sutton.

Tell him to get a real job that doesn’t involve subjecting animals to pain and suffering.



5/ Leave feedback on the DAWE website. Oops – that page has been removed since this yesterday… we wonder if the phone number still works. Call 1800 900 090



6/ Contact your local federal MP and all 12 WA Senators (or Senators in your state or territory). Go HERE,
scroll down and enter your postcode. That will bring up your local MP and all your Senators – click on the email icon, or call them if you prefer that.

Let them know what you think – they are elected to represent YOU.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and if you are not a member or donor yet, you can make a one-off, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual donation via GiveNow by credit card or direct debit and the fees are about 1/10 of PayPal. Regular small donations are of the greatest assistance to our campaign. Any donation over $25 in a year counts as membership and we’ll send you some stickers if you’re a new member.

Help us help them.


Katrina Love
Campaign Manager
Stop Live Exports