‘Free Tibet’ (London) – A Time To Consider Human Rights Against Oppression.

We are an animal rights / welfare site.  But sometimes, when it is necessary, we also feel that it is right to give oppressed humans a voice.  I have been a member of ‘Free Tibet’ (London) for many years; and it is time the people of Tibet were given a voice – for you to see their suffering under Chinese rule.

The video and the graphics will explain a lot and hopefully provide answers to your questions.

“Tibet today is one of the most repressed and closed societies in the world.”

– United States Senator Robert Menendez

In 1950, China invaded the independent nation of Tibet and claimed it as its own. Ever since, it has kept Tibet under a brutal military occupation and claimed that Tibet is, and always was, part of China

Inside Tibet and across the world, Tibetans have never stopped believing Tibet is a nation.


It has now been over 70 years since the occupation began, yet Tibetans still resist China’s rule and defy its oppression. They have never given up hope that one day they will be free.

What is life like in Tibet? Watch this video to learn more… Click ‘Watch om YouTube’

Tibet has been independently rated as the joint-worst place on Earth for political freedom and civil rights (tied with Syria). Despite this, Tibet does not get the international attention it deserves, and many are unaware of the atrocities committed in Tibet every day.

To learn, see and investigate more; please visit the Free Tibet website at:

Introduction to Tibet | Free Tibet

Regards Mark

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