England: Plastic Free July – Watch and Try to Do Your Bit.

Yesterday, the Home Office (UK) published the statistics of the number of animal experiments conducted in Britain in 2021. As usual these were shocking: there is no need for Britain to continue animal experiments –better, safer and kinder methods are available. It is very difficult to get access to laboratories due to high levels of secrecy in this cruel industry, and so the use of animation is a good way to give an insight into what happens to millions of animals each year.

Check out our brand-new animated film, for your quick and colourful guide to animal testing in Great Britain. The film explains about animal experiments – and the numerous non-animal methods, all of which are far more reliable than using animals. It is not gruesome or gory – and has lots of useful facts and figures! We hope that it will inspire people: You can take action by sharing our film with your friends!

This month is ‘plastic-free July’, a chance for us to reconsider our plastic consumption, which as we all know, is harming the planet, animals and marine life. With the sea change in public concern about climate change (sorry, couldn’t resist) there is some hope that we can start to repair the damage caused by our plastic habits, but we need to change those behaviours which caused it in the first place! 

It’s also down to big companies to take seriously their responsibilities: You can help by starting up the conversation with local newspapers, TV and radio stations, about how supermarkets, restaurants, businesses, and delivery companies should be reducing their use of plastic.


Get Shopping !

When you make a purchase from our wonderful Animal Aid shop you are also helping to fund our campaigns to protect animals.

We have a great range of plastic-free toiletries, cosmetics, sweet treats and gifts ideas – and we use biodegradable packing chips made from vegetable starch, instead of single-use plastic! Get shopping here

World Chocolate Day

On the 7th July it’s World Chocolate Day, so why not stock up on a few vegan goodies? Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the ‘Conscious’ chocolatiers, a vegetarian hoping to make the switch to vegan, or you’re just looking for gift ideas, browse our delicious chocolate range today! A few favourites from our team include Vego, Love Raw and Booja Booja!

Regards Mark

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