Australia: Not Exactly the Tops When It Comes To Animal Welfare – Savage Shearing Exposed; Mulesing, Live Exports, Useless Trade Deals; Do We Go On ?

WAV Comment:  Lets face it, we always hear promises from all the Australian governments about how things are going to get better.  Australian sheep have a bad time from the minute they are born until they have been live exported to and barbarically slaughtered in the dregs that are other parts of the world.  And lets not forget the mulesing which takes place in the Australian farms; – hacking off chunks of flesh without any form of anaesthetic.  And now the UK says it is setting up a trade deal with them ! – for example:

Pesticide limits in Australia are 200 times higher than the UK’s. Australia also have 144 licensed pesticides, whereas the UK only licenses 73 of these substances. 


England: Response From UK Government Over Our Letter Of Animal Welfare Concerns In UK – Australia FTA. – World Animals Voice

UK – Australia: UK Trade Deal with Australia Amounts to ‘Offshoring’ Pesticide Use, (UK) Members of Parliament Say. – World Animals Voice

Australia: The Link Between Leather and Live Export – Graphic Footage. – World Animals Voice

Shame on the UK government for being such dim wits and eternal shame on Australian animal abusing farmers.

Watch the video here via the following link, or, via the ‘shocking new footage’ link just below in the text.

Sheep Left Bloody After Savage Shearing in Victoria – News – PETA Australia

Dear Mark,

I’m writing to share shocking new footage filmed inside a Victorian shearing shed earlier this year. The video shows a ewe – injured during shearing and badly bleeding – being held between the knees of a shearer, who is crudely stitching up her gaping wound without administering any pain relief. The shearer then mops up her blood with her own fleece.

This is far from the first time cruelty has been documented at an Australian wool operation.

Hours of eyewitness footage compiled by PETA over the years shows shearers hitting sheep with closed fists and electric clippers, kneeling on their necks with their full weight, and slamming them into the floor.

Sheep deserve better, and Australians deserve to know the truth about wool jumpers. Will you please help us speak up for sheep by sharing this exposé far and wide?

Once people know better, they can do better. Sharing information is the first step towards creating a kinder world for animals.

Want to know more about wool? The wealthy wool industry loudly and consistently extolls the virtues of the material, so it can be hard to sort fact from fiction. That’s why we’ve launched a new website,, to help consumers and designers develop a deeper understanding of the impact wool production has on animals and the planet.

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Learn more:  How Much Do You Know About Sheep and Their Wool? | Wool Facts

For animals

Laura Weyman-Jones
PETA Australia

Regards Mark

Australian sheep suffer going to their deaths on live exports ships.A

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