Death Dealers on the way..



Bayer/ Monsanto wants to bring new super pesticides on the market. Very dangerous for bees!



Big pharmaceutical companies like Bayer are currently trying to launch new pesticides – those that can be dangerous to bees. The funds are still not allowed. A petition on “Campact” wants to prevent this from happening (see below).

Insect and bee death is one of the biggest problems of our time – the insects are endangered by pesticides. It was only in April that the EU banned three crop protection products from the group of so-called neonicotinoids. However, chemical and pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer-Monsanto and DowDuPont (USA) now want to launch three new insecticide drugs.

Sulfoxaflor, Cyantraniliprol and Flupyradifuron – that’s the name of the active ingredients.

“The three new insecticides have a similarly devastating effect as these neonicotinoids. The mechanism of action of flupyradifurone and sulfoxaflor is even the same, so that one can also speak of these two drugs of neonicotinoids, “is the assessment of the Environmental Institute. Although only the seed grain is treated, the poison then affects all parts of the plant – stems, leaves and flowers.


New pesticides already in August?

All three active substances have already been approved at EU level several years ago. However, they may only be used if they are approved in the individual member states. In France, the authorization of two sulphoxaflor-containing products was suspended at the end of 2017.
In Germany, it is not yet allowed to use the funds.

However, there are currently several applications for their approval. According to the Environmental Institute, the first insecticides containing flupyradifurone could hit the market in August.


What harms the bees must be banned


However, a petition on Campact wants to prevent that. The petition is addressed to Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner (Germany) and Minister of the Environment Svenja Schulze –

The demand: “Do not approve pesticide mixtures containing sulfoxaflor, cyantraniliprole or flupyradifuron. Do not grant any emergency approvals for them and stop existing ones.


Instead of allowing new risky insecticides for Bayer/ Monsanto and the other pharmaceutical chemical companies, it would be more important to restrict the already approved toxic pesticides – for insects, the environment and our health. Certain neonicotinoids are still allowed in agriculture. Among other things, the poisons disturb the orientation of bees and weaken their immune system. Glyphosate continues to be sprayed in the fields.


Biene-schönes Foto


Hopefully Julia Klöckner (Minister of Agriculture, Germany) remembers her statement from April: “I say very clearly: what harms the bee, must be away from the market, because bees are systemically relevant.” (Petition)


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