S. Africa: Pride Leader Lion Killed By American Trophy Hunter.

new lion hunted

Recently, Skye, a male lion and pride leader with cubs, was allegedly killed by an American trophy hunter in South Africa. Skye was apparently baited in the Umbabat Private Nature Reserve, part of his territory that includes the protected Kruger National Park where hunting isn’t allowed.

Now, his disappearance has completely disrupted his vulnerable pride – the females were attacked by other male lions and one of his cubs has died while the other two remain separated from the group.

Tragically, the United States is a huge contributor to such killing. Long the largest importer of lion hunting trophies in the world, the U.S. should be protecting these magnificent animals, not hunting them.

Please ask the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to deny applications to import any wild lion hunting trophies from South Africa.

African lions are listed as threatened and endangered in the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Only 20,000 or so African lions remain in the wild today.

Trophy hunting is a head-hunting, thrill-seeking, and blood-thirsty exercise for the wealthy few, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of lions each year. When trophy hunters can’t bring their trophies back home with them, it reduces the appeal and ultimately the demand for the killing.

Act now to help end imports of wild lion trophies from South Africa to the United States.

Together, we will secure higher protections for wildlife and work to end trophy hunting of wild animals like Skye

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