Animal transports at NATO- Summit!! (Video)


EU- Flagge


These are disturbing pictures showing EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.
The 63-year-old seemed to have suffered badly during the joint dinner of the Head of State and Government in Brussels. He wobbled and had to be partially supported.


Juncker betrunken

At times, the EU Commission President made an unlucky appearance at the NATO Summit in Brussels. Pictures of the joint dinner of the heads of state and government on Wednesday show the 63-year-old wavering. He had to rely while walking on several state guests.
His office said on Thursday, “It would not be appropriate to publicly discuss any health issues.” On the internet, however, a video from the scene caused a lot of attention.

 Juncker has publicly referred to his sciatica complaints in the past. So far, he has been supported on previous public occasions when climbing stairs. A few hours after the incident, Juncker resumed the program of the NATO summit on Thursday morning as planned.

Juncker had already rejected any doubts about his suitability for the post of EU Commission President in 2014. According to Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Juncker is “a stout smoker and drinker,” he said at the time that he had no alcohol problem.

 Juncker in Rollator

However, the incident at the NATO summit in Brussels is not an isolated incident.
Again and again bizarre performances of the politician in the network caused speculation. During the “EU-Eastern Partnership Summit” in Riga in May 2015, Juncker greeted the EU heads of state on shaky legs, distributed slaps and welcomed the Hungarian head of government with the words “The dictator is coming”.

Of the hundreds of comments accompanying this article, I would just like to enclose one that I liked most of all: And this drunken sack and his cronies should be a role model for us? The Financial Criminal Union is definitely over, and that’s a good thing”.

And I would have answered: “Yes! the EU with its incompetent masters is at the end.
But unfortunately such types decide still the fate of billions of animals in this continent”.

Best Regards to all, Venus

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