“Hunting opens up a space for crime…”






Despite persistent propaganda work of the hunting associations, the image of the hunters is sinking more and more: fewer and fewer walkers, dog owners, riders and mountain bikers are fooled when they are mobbed and threatened by hunters – and they protest against shooting in recreational areas as well as mass shooting for hunts.

Time and again we read that hunters mistakenly confuse lovers in the cornfield, hunting colleague or ponies in the pasture with wild boars – this can scare everyone out in the countryside – as well as shots on the promenade or bullets that hit in cars.

In addition, millions of animal lovers have no understanding when hunters shoot their domestic cats or threaten to shoot the dog.

The hunter and lawyer Dr. Florian Asche, admits in his book »Hunting, Eating Sex and Animals: The Pleasure of the Archaic« with the common reasons for hunting:

“We do not hunt to create the ecological balance. At least that’s not the triggering motive of our efforts. It is just a justification for our urges and desires that go much deeper than the requirements of wildlife avoidance and ecological balance. … We go hunting because it gives us pleasure and pleasure. “


The neurologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Paul Parin – also an enthusiastic hunter – wrote in his book “The Passion of the Hunter”: “Since my first hunting adventures I know: Hunting opens up a space for crime to the point of murder and for sexual pleasure, whenever and wherever hunted.”



“Regulation” of human population by hunters:

1. A 6-year-old girl was seriously injured in a garden in Großsaara in Thuringia on July 14, 1818, apparently from a hunter’s gun. This reports “BILD” on 14.7.2018. According to police had just before 19 clock received the emergency call.

“When the local officials arrived, they heard more shots around the gardens,” the press release of the state police headquarters in Thuringia said. “As part of the investigation immediately started with the help of the police helicopter on the edge of the garden a hunting party was found in the hunt, which ended the police immediately.”
The injured child was brought to Gera in a hospital wordem. It was hit on the arm and the pelvis but according to the police it was not in mortal danger.

2. A 66-year-old hunter wanted to shoot pigeons in the Westphalian town of Wandhofen and hit a 36-year-old driver on the neck, more shotgun bullets hit the car. This is reported by Ruhr Nachrichten on 12.7.2018. According to his report, the hunter noticed a parked vehicle in the area of impact about 350 meters away, but did not assume that the shotgun pellets could hit the car or a person.
The victim filed a complaint, the police investigated for dangerous bodily injury.

3. An 80-year-old hunter had fired on a fleeing hare during a hunt last autumn in the district of Braunau and hit a 25-year-old and seriously injured. The hunting colleague was hit by the shotgun pellets on the head, legs and eyes and suffered permanent damage to the retina. Now the state court Ried has sentenced the hunter to a fine. The “Kleine Zeitung” reported on 6.7.2018 that they had agreed on 1,100 euros compensation (when a shot-hunting colleague costs so cheaply…)




My best regards, Venus


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