Inventory of horror: 45 million male chicks are murdered each year!!




They were born to die: millions of male chicks of laying hen breeds are killed shortly after hatching – for purely economic reasons.


Kücken am Band

Even the last grand coalition had given the goal: It should be over with the cruel practice, even in the new coalition agreement, the goal is.
But the federal government had even to admit that in 2017 one million chicks were killed more (!) Than in the year before – a total of about 45 million, in Germany alone.

We demand: The new federal government must finally put an end to the killing of chicks! In addition, the pathogenic high-performance breeding must be stopped in the long term. Sign now our appeal to Federal Minister Julia Klöckner!

Far more than 40 million chicks are killed each year in Germany shortly after hatching. The reason: The male animals of the laying hen breeds are not “used”. This practice must come to an end!


Animal-Equality_Kücken auf Band

Foto: Animal Equality

Fortunately, the federal government has agreed in its coalition agreement t

o end the killing of day-old chicks “by the middle of the legislative period”. However, such an announcement already existed in the time of the last grand coalition. In the summer of 2015, the predecessor of Julia Klöckner, Christian Schmidt, said unequivocally: “My goal is to stop chick-shredding in 2017.” He repeatedly emphasized that he wanted to end chick-killing “as quickly as possible”. But the killing continues today.


Petition Text

Madam Minister, there must now be no excuses or inconsequential announcements: make sure that the promise of the coalition agreement is respected. By the end of 2019 at the latest, must be finally over with the killing – this time really!

A ban is overdue – and at the same time only a symptom is eliminated. Because the problems in the chicken husbandry are deeper. Laying hens has been designed for decades mainly for maximum laying performance.

How the animals are doing plays a subordinate role.
Only the separation into two breeding lines and the one-sided breeding on high laying performance (laying breeds) or fast meat approach (chickens for fattening) has meant that the rooster chicks of the laying breeds are killed for hatching reasons for purely economic reasons – because they put far too little meat and need far too much feed to be cost-effectively marketed.




But the hens suffer: high mortality rates, broken bones and sternum damage due to low bone strength, avidities, a high susceptibility to infectious diseases – all this is one of the fatal consequences of one-sided high-performance breeding.
It is therefore not enough, “only” to finish the chick killing. Because even the animals that are reared have a right to an animal-friendly attitude without avoidable diseases.

Madam Minister, if you are serious about animal welfare, you must commit to an end to one-sided high-performance breeding and the use of so-called dual-purpose chickens, which are suitable for both egg production and fattening.

These are less susceptible to health and the hen’s chicks could be used as livestock. I urge you to push for the overdue, fundamental change in the poultry industry and do not leave it at symbolic politics.

Fight the causes of the millions of animals suffering and not just the symptoms!

Best regards,

Your Name, Nationality (see below at the petition-link)


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