Serbia: Felix News – Can You Give To Support Rescued Cat ?

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Felix July 18 1


A few days ago, we got a call from a friend who told us he saw a people friendly adult tortie cat in front of the Secondary Medical School in Subotica. A custodian told us that the kitty was left there by an elderly woman and a little girl. They had even been coming to feed her for a short time, but then they stopped.

The kitty was sleeping under a tree, near a busy road and she frequently had to flee because of roaming dogs. When we went to the spot to get her, she came up to us all by herself, meowing loudly and asking to be petted. She tested negative for FIV/FeLV and was spayed immediately. She had some difficulties waking up from the general anesthesia, but she began to eat later on.

After the procedure, she was able to be brought to the shelter the next day. Will somebody please help us with the costs of her spay surgery and the test for FIV/FeLV? We know we didn’t have to take her in, not with so many new cats already, but she was so cuddly and sweet that we simply couldn’t leave her to a most certainly short and suffering future. We’ve decided to name this charming and sadly unwanted girl Zoe.

She’ll now be well cared for, loved and fed with no more worries thanks to our caring supporters that make our work possible.

Please help with her bills if you’re able.

Every little bit helps!!



felix cartoon 2


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