Massacre in the name of human rights!




Hundreds of psychopaths have massacred a crocodile farm in Indonesia by killing all the crocodiles – to avenge the death of a human being.

The sadists were armed with knives, hammers and clubs and have slaughtered 292 crocodiles after a man was killed by one of the reptiles at a breeding farm in West Papua, Indonesia.


Local residents look at the carcasses of hundreds of crocodiles from a farm after they were killed by angry locals following the death of a man who was killed in a crocodile attack in Sorong regenc

Villagers with the massacred animals


The sadists claim that they wanted to avenge the death of their villager.

No! that’s not the truth.

They wanted to confirm the superiority of their species.

Only all carriers of human genes – regardless of their thinking and behavior – enjoy the protection status of human rights and human dignity.

The truth is that those who have rights will be respected. That was the human being.
Those who have no rights will be massacred. That was a mountain of crocodiles, Number 292!!

When a crocodile kills a human, that’s what man calls bestiality.
When psychopaths brutally kill 300 crocodiles, that’s called human rights.

That’s what I understand under Fascism.

Best regards, Venus



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