for the world day of the stray

streuner Hund mit stück brot

To be a stray means to be alone.
In the cold, heat, without food, without a warm home … alone against everyone.
Being a stray means facing death every day, who often has the face of a human animal that hits you, chases you away, throws stones at you or the wheels of a car that intentionally wants to drive over you …

Being a stray means sharing life in a hell shelter with thousands of others who, like you, fight for food every day and sleep in their shit.

Human indifference and harshness have made them refugees in our society.

They didn’t fall from the sky, they also had a home at some point, they had people and they loved them, but the human animals took the right to take them to the streets because  they were no longer new or beautiful. Just like they do with old shoes.
They gave love, solidarity and loyalty to their people and wanted to be with them forever.
They got hate, contempt, ingratitude for it.

And today they are “this from the street”, the garbage.
And still waiting every day for a miracle, for a home, for a normal life with love and care.

ADOPT a stray, save a life, make reality the impossible dream of an animal being for a warm home and a warm heart.
He will be thankful and loyal to you forever,and  you will have a friend for life!

My best regards to all, Venus


Streune in Spanienn

They own nothing but their lives
and humans take them away.

They are not from the street
they are on the street
because of selfish, irresponsible and heartless humans.

Don’t buy animals
they are not toys to use and throw away, they are family,
for the whole life.

Not betrayals.

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