Meat is the opium of the people

Imagine yourself! Blood spurts from your throat, a human starts to cut your head!

 You only have to die because someone wants to eat your meat and drink your mother’s milk.


This video is from a new undercover investigation in Italy
And revealed shocking torture against small patches
On the way to the slaughterhouse in the country.

These are the sights in every extermination facility.

Schafmutter mit gestohlenen Lämmer_n

98 percent of the sheep farmers’ income comes from selling meat. Every year, one million sheep – almost exclusively lambs – are slaughtered in Germany.

Lamb meat is preferred in Germany, but older sheep are also consumed.
A specialty, especially at Easter, is milk lambs – infants who drink from their mother and have never eaten grass, between 8 weeks and half a year old. For this reason they have very light meat, which is considered “buttery soft, tender fiber and low in fat” – baby meat.

More than half of the lamb consumed was and is imported from abroad, mainly from New Zealand and Great Britain. Most sheep live in New Zealand, Australia and China. And these countries don’t just export to the EU.

The largest customers include the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

Lämmlein allein vor LKW n
Although the lamb is the epitome of gentleness and innocence, it is eventually dragged away by its mother to be slaughtered. Some sheep farmers slaughter on their own farm – or the lambs are loaded and transported to the slaughterhouse.

They smell the blood of the other animals and feel their despair.

lämmer gucken im Schlachthofn

Then electric tongs are placed on the head of the lamb, and a shock is triggered, which causes epileptic cramps and ultimately leads to unconsciousness – whereby the anesthetic is by no means always effective.

Because it happens again and again that animals regain consciousness during slaughter. Sheep are killed by cutting the main artery on the neck, causing them to bleed out.

Masses of animals are slaughtered, things have to be done quickly, the animals are stressed, the workers too.

This leads to mistakes, stunned and obviously there is no one to intervene.

There are animals that are loud in fearful situations. Pigs, for example. Sheep and cattle suffer quietly. Sheep try to escape, to escape… Slaughterhouses are of course designed so that the animals cannot go anywhere.

Lamm das andere toten Lämmer anschautjpg

The “Cormo Express” disaster

A few years ago, the Cormo Express caused one of the worst known incidents. The transport ship had 58,000 sheep on board and was on its way from Australia to Saudi Arabia when a viral disease broke out among the animals.

When Saudi Arabia prevented the ship from entering, almost 30 other countries followed, refusing to land. It was only after more than two months at sea that a port could be found in Eritrea; at this point, 6,000 animals had already died on the ship.

The disaster of the Cormo Express caused worldwide protests and had consequences. Since then, exact records have to be kept of transports; shipments from Australia must be accompanied by a veterinarian if the supervisory authority so decides.

Australia issued a comprehensive set of rules. However, because many other countries have no or only very low legal standards for animal transport, the mass extinction continues.


And I mean… Slaughter and the suffering of animals in general is not nice to look at. But more than that: Most don’t think much about slaughtering. They buy their meat nicely packaged in the supermarket or directly from the farmer.

They lie to themselves and believe that everything works and is good as soon as the red, white and red stamp is on the packaging

Obviously, the damage that viruses and pandemics do is not enough to teach people.
They continue to use a moral pattern for their eating habits and related animal abuse.

There are many who think the virus comes from bats, we eat the right animals here, nothing can happen.
Some think it’s Easter now and it’s a tradition to eat lamb, the corona won’t take it away from us

And there is also a third category that is the most widespread and does not think at all, feels nothing, it be carried by the system and above all, nothing wants to know that compels them to take responsibility and act.

Meat is the opium of the people.

Je suis Lamm_n

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Meat is the opium of the people”

  1. It is necessary to legalize the death penalty for all people criminals who kill living creatures under any pretext.We can not only look, curse and cry, we must harmlessly eliminate criminals of our own kind.ASAP


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