the ideology of the Carnists

anonymous justicepng

-most people love animals.
-most would never slaughter an animal themselves or torture them to death.
-most do not directly associate their food choices with animal suffering or injustice.
-because they don’t see or don’t want to see this suffering.
-because the meat mafia, like every fascist system, keeps this suffering hidden and secret.
-whoever recognizes suffering as such has the responsibility to abolish it.
-that is why most people deliberately ignore the tragic facts in animal factories with a desire to get rid of them.

Regards and good night from Venus

One thought on “the ideology of the Carnists”

  1. Most people love themselves, some even more than their own children, and some rarely enlightened humans , love all living beings.That is why there are farms and abattoirs, hunting, fishing, animal experiments – although all this is known to be unnecessary, the animal holocaust has lasted since man ceased to be a collector of fruits and seeds.


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