England: Friday, 24/4/20 will be the World Day for Laboratory Animals.

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World Lab Animals Day || April 24,2017 | Tufing.com

This Friday, 24/4/20 will be the World Day for Laboratory Animals.

We will be covering it more on the day, but please prepare for this and give a few minutes thought for all the animals in Labs, and suffering, worldwide.

I have never said before, but I have suffered Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for the past 20 years.  People who know me know about my situation; otherwise it is MS and me !

Despite desperately wanting a cure for my condition and to get back to ‘normal’, whatever that is; do I want ‘normal’ ? – probably not; I am an MS sufferer who would NEVER wish ANY animal to suffer in the labs to improve my condition

I can deal with my illness in many ways; and a Vegan diet is just one of them.  Veganism gives me tons of energy; so much so that I trashed all the neurologist ‘medicines; prescribed for me years and years ago.  Now they were something that really did make me ill; not help my situation or help m with getting improvements.

I can survive as a long term MS sufferer with a very physical daily life without pumping my body full of false; no good lab created medication.  I dont want to see animals suffer in labs under my name, and so I will always speak out against animal testing whenever the chance arises.

So stop the animal testing and instead put finances and investment into cruelty free research and testing that will be of a real benefit to sufferers; but will exclude animal suffering.

Open the labs and set them all free.  It is not medical research; it is animal abuse – simple as that; and I will never support the use of animals in medical research.

Fact – animals do NOT suffer from MS; so why artificially create it in them and then try to find a cure ?  – animals are not the same as us humans and thus should not be used as testing models.  There are enough good people with illness who would be more than willing to take part in any clinical trials.  As with Coronavirus now; suddenly the animal testing is being largely removed and virus infected people are being used directly as test volunteers for a vaccine.  What does this show and tell us ?; that human people could and should be used to find cures for illness that affects the human species.  Kick animal testing out !

I have MS, but MS does not have me !

Regards Mark


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