Austria: nobody needs the horse carriages anymore

While the animal rights activists in Chicago can celebrate a success for the 🐎horses, the carriages drivers in Vienna are currently even being supported with tax money 💔.


The big city in the USA is no longer extending the concession of the carriage companies at the end of the year. 🎉 This will allow a gradual exit until 2021 and the horses no longer have to pull carriages on the stressful 🚌roads with ❄wind, weather and 🌡heat.

Vienna, on the other hand, sets a completely wrong goal and also promotes continued existence in the city center instead of putting the tax money into improvements for the animals.


Right now there would be a chance to finally banish this outdated tradition, which is associated with a lot of animal suffering, from the city center or to let it run completely, as many cities have already shown us. We want a better life for the carriages horses in Vienna❗ Support us now 📝

Noise, crowds, exhaust gases, hectic downtown traffic, whatever the wind and weather, all that is an environment that is anything but appropriate for the sensitive animals.

Danger sources lurk everywhere:

construction sites
Buses, cars, taxis
congested streets
uneven cobblestone
slippery tram tracks
blazing sun, too little shade
limited water supply
insufficient hay

fiaker 5pg

The list of dangers and problems is long and the welfare of the horses is clearly neglected! Too often deformed hooves, digestive problems, collapse or behavioral problems are bad consequences of these working conditions.

In short: the special needs of the animals cannot be reconciled with the current conditions! The following also applies here: the animals should not have to adapt to the conditions, but the conditions should be adapted to the needs of the animals!

fiaker 2l

We therefore ask together with FOUR PAWS:

-Enough shade places for hot days
-Adequate supply of water & roughage
-A limit on working hours & annual health checks
-At least on the non-working days, free movement in the paddock with fellow species
-Fiaker rides ONLY in green areas



And I mean…Horses, which are actually escape and herd animals, have to make their rounds in the middle of big cities under noise and exhaust gases on hard asphalt or cobblestones.

In Vienna specifically  and according to the Fiaker Law, working hours (with arrival and departure) may be 14 hours per working day.

The drivers do not feed the animals in the city, but only in the barn at night. Horses need continuous access to roughage, everything else is cruelty to animals.

There are taxis, bikes, buses, trams, subways, S-Bahn trains, our own feet … Why does a tourist have to explore the city on a horse carriage? The horses stand around all day long – would the driver be able to endure this? Motionless and forced?

A coachman’s statement in an undercover video of Four Paws:
“The horse must also earn its feed, otherwise we will make liver cheese out of it. There is no other alternative. Either way. The truth is brutal.”

Primitive animal exploiters have no right to use the word “truth” in their mouth.

Because the truth is that no one needs horse carriages more, only the ones who with the suffering of the horses are making money.

My best regards to all, Venus

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