England: Great News for Once – Application for a Cruel (Pig) Factory Farm near Harmston, Lincolnshire, has Been Rejected





Some good news for once which has just been sent to us and we want to update / share with you


you did it 1.


Remember the petition link that we had about submitting objections to an intensive pig farm in Lincoln, England:




Well the news just supplied to us is that the planning application for this facility has now been REJECTED !


Peta tell us:

We won!

Following a massive public outcry, along with a 25,000-strong PETA petition (including your signature), an application for a cruel factory farm near Harmston, Lincolnshire, has been rejected


Mark, thank you for helping to spare nearly 2,000 pigs at a time the horrors of an intensive farm.

As the good news from Lincolnshire came during the COVID-19 outbreak, let’s remember that eating animal flesh hurts us all. Pathogens like the ones behind COVID-19, SARS, bird flu, and swine flu flourish on filthy factory farms, at bloody abattoirs, and at meat markets.


petition 3


Join PETA in urging the World Health Organization to call for an end to live-animal meat markets: Sign it here and watch the video:







BIG Thank You to everyone who supported our request to get this planning application shut down. Your voices have been heard – over 25,000 of you.

Good news for pigs, and good news that another potential intensive farming site has bitten the dust.

Regards Mark





flying pig

success 2

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