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Punish Woman Who Starved Her Dying Grandma’s Dogs To Death

Lani Elizabeth Taylor was asked to look after her dying grandmother’s two dogs. Instead of caring for the pups, Taylor let them die a slow and agonizing death by starvation. The veterinarian who performed the necropsy on the dogs’ bodies stated that they “suffered severely until they passed.”

The veterinarian report also states:

“Based on the photos of the scene there was no food or water present, but also no feces/urine in the kennels where the canines were found. Trapped canines will ingest their own feces/urine in order to survive for as long as possible to survive.”

Taylor’s grandmother had asked asked for the dogs to be cared for while she was in hospice for cancer – if Taylor was unable to care for the dogs, she was to find them new homes or take them to a shelter. Instead, she put them in cages and let them die a slow, painful death.

Please join us in asking for Taylor to receive the maximum sentence for her cruel crime. Taylor does not deserve a plea deal and she should never be allowed to own a pet!

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Puppy Reportedly Strangled and Thrown to Ground Deserves Justice


Target: Kim Ogg, District Attorney of Harris County, Texas

Goal: Pursue charges against individuals reportedly caught on tape hitting and strangling dogs.

If two recent cases of apparent animal cruelty are any indication, Houston has become the latest ground-zero for horrific abuse gone unpunished. Both cases involved dogs and puppies caught on video reportedly being seriously injured by their supposed caretakers. In the first video, a dog tied up with shoestrings is seemingly battered in the face over and over with a knife. The second video allegedly depicts a puppy being strangled and then callously thrown to the ground outside the premises.

Fortunately, both animals—and a second puppy also taken from the dog’s residence—are now safe and under the care of the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Yet despite seeming concrete evidence, neither of these cases has resulted in charges. In fact, the DA’s office refused to pursue charges in one case due to supposed “insufficient evidence.”

Sign this petition to demand justice be served for these survivors of apparently blatant animal cruelty caught on tape.


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Justice for Dogs Killed, Packed in Styrofoam and Smuggled for Vietnam’s Meat Trade


PETITION TARGET: Vietnamese Ambassador to the U.S. Ha Kim Ngoc

After traffic police stopped a passenger bus in the Nghe An province of Vietnam, an overwhelming stench alerted the officers to the horror of over 1,300 pounds of rotting dog and cat corpses packed into styrofoam boxes to be transported and sold in a Hanoi meat market, according to VN Express.

These innocent animals likely endured unimaginable suffering before being slaughtered and shipped off for human consumption. Sadly, there is no law banning the sale or transportation of dog and cat meat in Vietnam, but transporting goods from an unknown origin is illegal. The bus driver, Dinh Minh Hieu, failed to provide documentation for the shipment, and police are currently unsure about where it came from.

Dogs and cats are frequently trapped in small, barren wire cages, beaten to death, and burned or boiled alive for Vietnam’s cruel dog and cat meat trade. Languishing in slaughterhouses and live animal markets, these creatures are at risk of spreading deadly diseases and parasites, greatly endangering human lives.

Sign this petition urging Ambassador Ha Kim Ngoc to push for a full investigation and strong prosecution in this case, and an end to the cruel and hazardous dog and cat meat trade throughout the country.
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I just watched a video where two heartless teenagers claimed the life of a baby kitten who was stomped to death. We cannot continue to allow these types of people to harm innocent animals !!

Thank you,’s team


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