India: Some Amazing September Rescues From the Team at ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

Forgiveness. In our rescue video about Bansi, whose legs were tied together so cruelly, what we marvel at is the way he gradually seems to let go of his fear of humans. There seems to be no anger in this gentle spirit. Only innocence and, somehow, the incredible will to carry on with an openness to give and take affection. How can we act in ways that are even worthy of such forgiveness? By loving them and doing all we can to protect them. As you do.

Legs tied together and left to die, Bansi recovered from unimaginable cruelty.

Bansi’s beginning was heartbreaking, but after his rescue, he is completely healed and he has flourished. When you see this video, the question that will probably fill your heart and mind is simply: why? Why would the owners tie this donkey so cruelly? What kind of mind was behind this? To what purpose? Sometimes the answer “ignorance” is not sufficient.

Immediately after receiving the call on our helpline we dispatched our ambulance and began the 2-month treatment process for Bansi. He has healed beautifully. He also happens to be adorable. He’s happy nowand the case has been filed with the police.

There are hundreds of working donkeys in Udaipur. We are working to help as many as we can, with medical treatment, police and legal aid, and donkey owner education. Please donate.

Adopt the love-bug Libby

Lovely Libby is a beautiful black Labrador mix who was abandoned after sustaining a serious injury to her front leg. Her owner made it very clear that he didn’t want her anymore. We offered to take her out of fear that her owner would abandon her or worse. Her leg had to be amputated, but wow, she’s running around on 3 legs as well as any 4-legger, and she has a lot of love to give.Calm and mellow, Libby loves belly rubs, food and being able to go outside often and examine all the plants and flowers. She tolerates other dogs, but she’s happiest around affectionate people. What a sweetheart companion she’ll be.

Please click here for adoptions:

Severe mange, wounded and starving, but sweet Antonio won’t give up!

Antonio’s truly astonishing recovery would not have been possible for a weaker spirit.Advanced mange had ravaged his body, starvation had further weakened him and then, in the ultimate blow, a serious wound between his shoulders had become infested with maggots. We weren’t sure if the combination of these extremely painful conditions had broken his spirit along with his resistance. But from day 2 onward we watched as our medical treatment, food and love went to work.Meet mange survivor, wound survivor, starvation survivor: unforgettable Antonio.

Someone hurting can glow again. Please donate.

Sponsor Birju, or one of his friends!

It’s been a year since we shared the dramatic story about Birju’s hot water burn. We forecasted then that the huge wound stretching right across his back might never fully heal. And indeed, his wound is not significantly different from the way it looked more than a year ago. But! Birju is a happy boy. He seems to have learned to accept his bandage as if it were merely a jacket.HIs bright eyes and perky disposition warm our hearts. Your sponsorship will help with Birju’s lifelong care. If you could be here, we know you’d love to wrap your arms around him tight. Since you can’t, we’ll do it for you. Thank you from all the staff whose daily wound dressings always include a session with handsome, patient, life-loving Birju.  

Please click here to sponsor a rescued animal:

Regards Mark

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