Black cats: the unlucky ones in the shelter

Did you know it?
that black cats usually stay longer in the shelter than their conspecifics with different colored fur?

“I don’t bring bad luck”

Superstition, fear, prejudice, and last but not least, infected stupidity: The reasons are so different but mostly nonsensical.
We send our message now and here, share it and you can help us to clear up these stupid prejudices:

Free of legends, myths, and prejudices, black cats and dogs are simply lovable creatures who would be in seventh heaven if they finally found their family, their new owner and a great home!

Black animals are just as beautiful, playful, cuddly, cute, funny, and elegant as their conspecifics and they bring just as much happiness and love into our lives.

They deserve the same chance!

My best regards to all, Venus

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