Bullfighting and politicians who support it: a shame for Europe

Spain, PACMA – Partido Animalista

For months, the government has tried to avoid deliberately talking about the aid it would allocate to the bullfighting sector. But, finally, he has decided to support him with public money, as always, yielding to his pressures.

First, already last June, the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, announced that workers in the bullfighting sector could avail themselves of the CREA fund, a line of credit of 40 million euros for «professionals of the Fine Arts”(!!!)

And now, when we are still in the middle of unprecedented health and social crisis, and instead of allocating public money to strengthen the health system, the Government decides to include an extraordinary aid for workers in the bullfighting sector of 775 euros per month for three months.

More public money for paid animal abusers.

It is inadmissible that the bullfighting sector is favored over artists and technical personnel, who are living in a precarious situation and creating culture.

As has already been demonstrated on several occasions, bullfighting is favored by the administrations: it receives large sums of public money from the autonomies, the municipalities, and the Ministry of Agriculture, it has several foundations that receive subsidies and has received constant treatment of favor in the celebration of festivities in this “new normal”, despite the fact that the breach of security measures has been verified.

However, that does not seem to be enough, and now an extraordinary aid is also approved that will not be enjoyed by the rest of the cultural sectors, which are going through a real crisis.

A government that calls itself progressive should not give aid to bullfighting to desperately try to revive it, but rather work for its definitive ban. In its day, Unidas Podemos promised a referendum on bullfighting, but instead of carrying it out, it gives in to pressure from bullfighting.

The aid, if any, should be aimed at the reconversion of the sector and its workers to other necessary sectors and that do not involve torture and violent death of animals.

As always, PACMA is the only political party that is on the side of the animals, without exceptions or half measures.

We will continue working for the definitive end of bullfighting.



 And I mean…What is Podemos’ promise to hold a referendum to ban bullfighting?

Instead of working to make this mess illegal, the government of PSOE (Socialists) and Podemos are supporting the animal abusers with public money.

In 2007, EU parliamentarians presented a written declaration on an EU-wide ban on bullfighting.
As was to be expected, there were not enough supporters in Parliament at the time.

In November 2013, Spain declared bullfighting as “cultural heritage”, thereby legally protecting the murder in Arenas.
In terms of education, Spain is at the very back of Europe, which is also noticeable in the fact that traditions from the Middle Ages are perceived with enthusiasm and are declared a cultural heritage, which would only deter and disgust any other educated person.

The fact that even children are allowed to watch the bloody spectacle and cruelty to animals shows that only money counts for the bullfighting industry because with it no child can get education, empathy, or humanity.

And that although the majority of the Spanish population is not behind it – only about 14 percent support the senseless bloodshed.

We will not stop fighting this disgrace in Europe.

We won’t look the other way just because some politicians still want to pay protection money to the bullfighting mafia!

My best regards to all, Venus

2 thoughts on “Bullfighting and politicians who support it: a shame for Europe”

  1. Hi, Do you have any sources on the money spent for the bullfighting scene (like ypu said the 775€) and the percentage of people supporting bullfighting in spain (14%)? Because I couldn’t find any avidence on that (wether positive or negative, I found no numbers about that) and I wanted to cover this topic in a short presentation why bullfighting shouldn’t be heritage.
    It’s always good to give sources if you write such tings because it gives you more credibility and people should learn to look for sources and check sources so maybe all the ‘alternative facts’ people would become less
    thank you 🙂


    1. Hi J.S.
      we always give the source of the article that we add or translate from another language.
      In this particular case that you mention: the link says it very clearly but in Spanish! a reputable source must always be included in the original language.
      Quote follows:

      “Y ahora, cuando seguimos en plena crisis sanitaria y social sin precedentes, y en lugar de destinar el dinero público a fortalecer el sistema sanitario, el Gobierno decide incluir una ayuda extraordinaria para los trabajadores del sector taurino de 775 euros mensuales durante tres tres. More dinero público para los maltratadores de animales a sueldo “.
      If a link doesn’t work when you click it, enter the link in Google, you will definitely find it.

      We have emphasized several times that bullfighting in Spain has been declared a “national cultural heritage” since 2013. That’s a fact.
      This means that the bull mafia can be financed with public funds.

      As for the truth about 14% of the supporters in the population of Spain …. https: //www.tierschutzbund.de/information/wissenschaft/ausland/stierkampf/ (in German).

      “In November 2013, Spain declared bullfighting an intangible cultural asset and thus placed it under legal protection. And that although the majority of the Spanish population does not support it – only about 14 percent support the senseless bloodshed”.

      Trust us! we are a blog that works with serious facts.
      Regards, Venus


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