France’s National Assembly Adopts European Resolution on Animal Welfare.

France’s National Assembly adopts European resolution on animal welfare

9 November 2020

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation reports that France’s National Assembly has adopted a European resolution on the protection of animal welfare within the EU. This grants them a stronger position when negotiating with the European Commission.

On November 1st, in full confinement, France’s National Assembly adopted a European resolution following the fact-finding mission entrusted to deputies Typhanie Degois and Christophe Naegelen.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation, a member of Eurogroup for Animals, was auditioned for this in April 2020. The resolution comes in the form of various recommendations addressed to the European Commission, in fields as varied as agriculture, research, the pet trade, animal transport, etc.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation summarized all 37 recommendations theme by theme. Overall, they are in favour of all the recommendations in this resolution, although they would like to see a ban on certain practices rather than a strengthening of the legal framework (e.g. exploitation of wild animals in circuses, cetaceans in dolphinariums…).

From now on, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation will be able to rely on this resolution in order to intervene with the European Commission, as they feel it remains insufficiently active on the subject of animal welfare within the European Union.

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Brigitte Bardot Foundation

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