Postcards From Denmark.

All photos (except last) supplied by Reuters. More News to come later, but these pictures say it all really.

Denmark resorts to dumping 17million culled animals in mass graves amid mutant Covid fears

More than 17million mink are being purged and dumped in mass graves in Denmark today
It is a desperate bid to eradicate a mutated strain of coronavirus scientists believe is linked to fur farms
Danish officials are trying to stomp it out before its unleashed on the general public, though, so far, it is only known to have infected 13 people in northern Denmark
Dead mink are pictured in the back of a truck before they are buried in the purposely-built mass graves
Danish mink will be buried in mass graves on military land as the country's incinerators and rendering plants struggle to keep up, the Danish environmental and health authorities announced

Q) How much was your fur coat ? – A) only 17 million mink !

Elegant woman in mink fur coat isolated on gray studio background. Brunette Girl in Luxury Winter outerwear. Stock Photo - 114244969

Oops; nearly forgot our pictures from the Faroe Islands – they are also a part of Denmark:

Faroe whale slaughter

News - EIA
Gruesome whale hunts in Faroe Islands exposed by activists - YouTube
Whale hunt in Faroe Islands turns sea red with blood - BBC News
Some tradition should be banned: Pilot whales killing in Faroe Islands

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